Ronda Rousey, Run As Fast As You Can From Edmond And GFC -- You Can Still Thrive

The UFC 207 went down the way many suspected, and some feared it would.

Amanda Nunes, following a blueprint drawn up by former UFC Bantamwweight Champion Holly Holm, landed strikes at range to fluster the once ominously dominant Ronda Rousey, handing her a second straight loss.

Well, that dominance isn't as ominous as her opponents would like you to think.

Alexis Davis, Sara McMann, Cat Zingano were all too happy to jump into clinch range with an Olympic-level judoka -- a weak game plan to say the least. Bethe Correia just wasn't very good and was way in over her head. Rousey's impressive power ended up planting the Brazilian face-down, ass-up on a Straight Outta Compton logo.

Rousey's real kryptonite has been coaching, and subsequent execution. It's not been a secret or anything.

Holly Holm had been practicing for Ronda Rousey her entire career. Go back and watch her early fights. She'd avoid the clinch at all costs, as if every opponent were actually Rousey. She also happens to come from one of the best gameplanning camps in history, Jackson-Winkeljohn. Amanda Nunes is from American Top Team. Not too shabby.

Ronda Rousey? Well.....uhh...she has a guy she knows. Edmond Taverdyan of Glendale Fighting Club.

Edmond Taverdyan is a former MMA fighter and boxing coach that Ronda has worked with for most of her professional career. He's a volatile guy, who got into a skirmish with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum after he beat Rousey-boyfriend and GFC student Travis Browne. So yearh, he's a distraction.

Taverdyan came under criticism years ago when Rousey's ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub said Browne made a mistake leaving Jackson-Winkeljohn to train at Glendale with Edmond and Rousey. For what it's worth, Browne has lost three of his last four fights.

Rousey wasn't alone in her boyfriend Browne joining her at Glendale. Her "Four Horsewomen" buddies -- pioneer Shayna Baszler, highly-touted prospect Jessamyn Duke, best friend (and now fiancee to WWE's Roderick Strong) Marina Shafir all joined her...for a while. All of them would leave Glendale for Josh Barnett and Erik Paulson's CSW, although the circumstances around the departure are unknown. Struggling UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger also made the switch to GFC, the proceeded to struggle more.

If you see a pattern, there's a good reason.

Rousey became UFC champion off the back of her overwhelming judo skills. Judo skills that provided her with phenomenal core and leg strength that translated in the power. Videos started to emerge of her impressively hitting pads, doing boxing work -- except she still boxed like a judo player. That's to be expected. Old habits are hard to break. But so are jaws, and that happened at the hands of Holly Holm at UFC 193 in 2015.

After Rousey's knockout of Correia, she became almost mythical. You couldn't clinch with her, and now striking with her seemed like not such a hot idea. What would happen when her opponents didn't dive into her clinch range like Black Friday psychos at a flat screen TV? We found out. Then we found out again at UFC 207.

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