Ulysses Diaz On Boxing, Bare Knuckle, How He Got Into MMA; Will He Wrestle?


Ulysses "The Monster" Diaz is everywhere, and he might be even more places than "everywhere" if he has his way. 

Over the past year, Diaz has continued his boxing career, while also transitioning over into Bare Knuckle fighting, MMA, and even jiu jitsu. It was actually a chance encounter that started Diaz putting his fingerprints all over four combat sports. 

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"What happened was, I had just won a boxing match," Diaz told Fightful. "My manager also owns a barber shop. So, we were there and Lex McMahon just happened to be there for a meeting. As I was leaving I kinda joking, kinda not. I tell Lex, “Hey, book me in an MMA fight. Get me a stand up dude,” you know? We laughed it off and when I left thirty minutes later he called me, he’s like, “Get ready for the December fight.” So, I started getting ready. I was at camp with Yoel Romero. I was blessed to have that camp, that was amazing. Soon as I fought there, the guys from Bare Knuckle [Fighting!] started contacting me. My coach trained [Hector Lombard], so I was again blessed to have that guy as a sparring partner for the Bare Knuckle. Again, everything just fell into place. I’m very blessed to have everyone behind me, to have Miami behind me. I bring a big crowd, so promoters obviously love me. It worked out in my favor."

After a sterling run in boxing, Ulysses Diaz went viral in a bare knuckle bout, and also won his Titan FC MMA debut. He didn't get into combat sports until his late 30s, he's making up for lost time, fighting five or six times per year.

"Honestly I’ve really just wanted to test myself and so I put everything I got into it. I turned into a professional fighter at a later age. So I tell everybody I really have no time to waste. I’ve done my partying; I’ve done my hanging out, now it’s down to business for me. I love what I do. I’ve been blessed enough to fight on some big stages at this point in my career," Diaz told us.

Diaz has already crossed over plenty, so why not more? WWE Superstar Dana Brooke was by his side, and she thinks he could make a run in her field, too.

"I would absolutely love that," Dana told Fightful. "Every day he trains. I see him fighting. I know what he’s capable of. Definitely, [I see him in] WWE in the near future. I foresee it at least. He’s done every combat sport there is besides WWE. So, I feel as though that’s the last step and then once he’s in there he’s gonna be set. Maybe he’d like some mixed match tag efforts. Then I’ll be in his corner and he can be in mine.I also feel like everything goes hand in hand. What he prepares for in one thing can benefit him into the next thing. Boxing and then bare knuckle fighting. For me, this is just from what I see, goes hand in hand. Same thing with the MMA style and him going into some competitions for Ju-Jitsu. I feel as though that works hand in hand as well. His training, he trains like a monster. That’s all I can say."

As for Diaz? He's all for it.

"I think that sounds awesome. Being in the WWE would be a dream come true. As a kid
everybody grows up watching that, you know? I would love some little Monster Maniacs,"
Diaz closed.

You can follow Ulysses Diaz on Instgram, and you can see his official website at this link.


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