Vicente Luque On His UFC Uruguay Win, Mike Perry's Broken Nose & The Welterweight Division

Vicente Luque was last seen in action in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night Uruguay, defeating Mike Perry by way of decision. Now, he's faced with his biggest task in Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.

A defeated Perry suffered a gruesome broken nose as from a flying knee strike delivered by Luque, but Luque knows that while he wasn’t trying to severely injury Perry, an impact was made when it happened.

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“That’s not what we’re looking for, I’m a fighter. I’m gonna get in there and go one hundred percent, and things like that happen. It could’ve been me, I could’ve been the one with the broken nose. Thankfully for wasn’t, things like’s not what we want, at the end of the fight for the guy to be injured. I know it’s gonna take some time for that to heal, it’s gonna take (away) from his training and maybe he’s gonna have to fight later than he was planning to. So after everything...after the win and everything, I was concerned with that and I wish the best recovery for him. But when we’re fighting, we want to win and we’re gonna do everything we can inside of the rules and inside our power to win. It’s not something I would change the outcome of, during the fight...I think it was an important shot I threw. It caught his nose, maybe if I had caught him somewhere else, it would have been different...I don’t know. It wouldn’t have been so much damage, but at the same wouldn’t have so much of an impact and I think that was a big thing that I did in the fight to change that round to be my round. It’s hard to say...during the fight, I wouldn’t change it. After the fight, I just wish him the best recovery that he gets back soon to the gym and to fighting,” says Luque in an exclusive interview with Harry Kettle of Fightful.

Perry is expected to be out for at least six months after getting surgery done on the aforementioned broken nose.

Luque doesn’t expect to leave MMA anytime soon, but fans could see he take up motor sports in the future.

“Definitely, I think that would be something. I have plans in the future to maybe do some, but nothing serious. Whenever I retire from fighting, I will have a little fun competing in motor sports. But that’s plans for later, right now...I’m not focused on any of that. If I’m not a fighter, I would definitely be a race car driver,” says Luque.

The surging Luque is ranked #15 in the UFC Welterweight Division and is in the midst of a six fight winning streak.

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