Wanderlei Silva And Crazy Horse Almost Go At It, Fightful's Showdown Joe Gets Front Row Seat

Charles Bennett and Wanderlei Silva were at it again, and Fightful.com was on the scene.

Bennett, nicknamed "Crazy Horse" has had a long-running feud with the legendary Silva, dating all the way back to their PRIDE days. Backstage at the PRIDE Shockwave 2005 event, Bennett claims that he knocked out Silva, and then was attacked by Silva's Chute Box teammates. In the end, Bennett ended up getting placed in a triangle choke by Cristiano Marcelo. You can see that video below.

Since then, Bennett said that the footage was confiscated by Chute Box, to avoid the embarrassment of seeing Silva knocked out.

Fast forward 11 years to this morning, and the two are both in the house for this week's Rizin show. A video of the two arguing emerged, all while Fightful.com's Showdown Joe was trying to check into his hotel. It didn't escalate past a shouting match, but Joe tells us that there was a lot more that went on off camera. Our Wednesday and post-UFC co-host also tells us that all seems to be good now.

We also spoke about the incident on the Fightful.com Podcast with Matt Riddle this afternoon, which you can check out at this link when you register for free here at Fightful.

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