Fightful Live Viewing Party For The UFC 205 Live Media Conference Call Today At 5pm EST.


Welcome to the Fightful Live Viewing Party for the UFC 205 Live Media Conference Call, you can watch/listen to the conference call yourself by clicking on the above Youtube video.

The fighters participating in the conference call are UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez and UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor. 

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* Conor is asked about his potential plans to take a break from te sport in 2017, Conor says there is nothing too the rumors and the report from the Daily Mirror is incorrect. He does have an announcement and he will make it in due time, he will be focusing on making history and changing the game in 2017. 

* Conor is asked about his plans for thee fight with Alvarez, McGregor says that he enters the contest with so many different attacks and he can implement them all within one round. 

* Conor is asked which championship he would prefer to vacate if he wins the lightweight title, he says he would rather defend them both. Conor is asked about New York as a market for fighting when it compares to Las Vegas, Conor says the numbers for NYC are great right now and he wants to talk to the new owners to see what the plans are. 

* Alvarez is asked about how big this event is for him personally, Eddie says he has fought all over the world and has fought the best in the world, he has never seen fighting as a job and he loves what he is doing. Eddie says that getting the UFC Lightweight Title and headlining the first event in New York is a dream come true. 

* Alvarez is asked about what Conor said about his fighting style, Eddie says that Conor's camp knows what he possess's and he just wanted him to sign the contract for the fight.

* Conor is asked about whether or not lightweight is the best division for him, Conor says that he is happy where he is at right now and he can compete at any weight class that he chooses to compete at. Conor says he cleaned out the featherweight division and he is going to do the same at lightweight.

* Conor is asked about becoming a double champion and what that would mean to him, he says it would be the biggest accomplishment in his career, he has other paths to take in life and he will focus on UFC 205 first. Conor is asked about his love for the sport, Conor says that he still loves the sport and he does nothing else and he is getting better at the sport, he also loves what he can do for the fans of the sport as well. 

* Alvarez is asked about where he ranks headlining UFC 205 in his career, Eddie says that he fought all of the killers in the lightweight division and he won the lightweight title, he says that he feels that McGregor is the best style fight for him and it was also the best fight financially for his family. 

* McGregor is asked about his face to face stare down with Alvarez at the UFC 205 Press Conference, Conor says that Eddie thinks the fight is just a game, he says that Eddie humored him at the press conference stare down and he will break him down when they step into the octagon. McGregor says that he retire Alvarez at UFC 205 and that Alvarez will be done after their war at the event.

* Alvarez is asked the same question about their stare down, Alvarez says that McGregor has handpicked subpar opponents to fight in the past, Conor will also realize that he stepped into the octagon with the wrong guy at UFC 205. 

* Alvarez is asked about his long term career goals, Alvarez says he will go down as the best lightweight fighter in UFC history and he plans on making the UFC great again. 

* McGregor is asked about Dana White possibly spoiling his announcements plans, Conor says that everybody needs to sit tight and nobody knows what the announcement is.

* Alvarez is asked about whether or not he would have believed that he would fight McGregor two years after they competed on the same UFC card, Alvarez says no because he wanted to fight Anthony Pettis and other fighters in the lightweight division.

* Alvarez is asked about whether or not his mindset is different now that he is champion, Eddie says that his mindset has not changed at all heading into this fight.

* McGregor is asked about how his plans changed after Rafael Dos Anjos got injured and there fight was canceled, McGregor says that he enjoyed the fights with Nate Diaz and he feels that everything has come full circle now that he is fighting Alvarez at UFC 205. 

* McGregor is asked about whether some folks are underestimating him heading into UFC 205, McGregor says that Eddie's family will not recognize him after the fight is complete.

* Eddie is asked about where this fight ranks for him in his career, Eddie says that he fought better opponents, but business wise, it will be the biggest fight of his career. 

* Alvarez is asked about the mind games that McGregor is playing with him, Eddie says that no fighter will get into his head, he has traveled around the world and he has fought the best around.

* McGregor is asked about his focus heading into the fight, McGregor says that he is focused and motivated heading into this fight. McGregor is asked about Alvarez's durability, McGregor agrees that Alvarez is tough, but he wil butcher him at UFC 205. McGregor also says that UFC 205 is a historical moment for the sport and he is glad to be a part of it, he predicts that he will finish Alvarez in the first round. 

* Alvarez is asked about training with Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar and Stephen Thompson, Eddie says he has also trained with Frankie Perez and Edson Barboza, he says that training with them is no nonsense and that has helped him fully prepare for the McGregor fight. 

* Alvarez is asked about fan support heading into the fight, Eddie says that a lot off folks are coming from Philadelphia to see him fight and beat McGregor at the event.

* McGregor is asked about his training partners, McGregor first mocks the training habits of his opponent, McGregor also mocks Frankie Edgar for not beating Jose Aldo in his two attempts to do so.

* McGregor is asked about the pressure of fighting in New York, Conor says that there is no added pressure and if it was not for him, the UFC would have not come to New York in the first fight. 

* McGregor is asked about whether or not anybody fighting on the UFC 205 prelims will fight him in the future, McGregor says that he is the only fighter who controls his career, everybody else does what the UFC tells them to do.

* Alvarez is asked about the difference between fighting on a "fight night" event compared to a UFC pay-per-view card, Eddie says that he does not care where he fights and now he is making more money fightng on the bigger cards.

* Alvarez is asked about he is planning for McGregor's style, Eddie says that Conor has fought nobody but chumps in the UFC thus far, Eddie also claims that Conor handpicked opponents so he can look good in the octagon.

* McGregor is asked about whether he is taking anything from the two Diaz fights into his fight with Alvarez, Conor says that he will retire Alvarez and he will not be able to take much damage in the cage.

* McGregor is asked about being the cash cow is MMA, Conor says that it feels good and it proves that if you work hard, you can change the whole game as well. McGregor says that he is number one and the all-time great, especially when he wins two belts at UFC 205. 

* McGregor is asked about his training for the ground game, Conor says that he finished the fight with Chad Mendes in the second round and Mendes was a far better fighter than Alvarez ever was.

* McGregor is asked about what would happen if the fight goes to the final round, McGregor says he is ready and he has prepared himself for a long fight during his training camp.

* Alvarez is asked about whether or not he learned anything about McGregor from his two bouts with Nate Diaz, Eddie says that Conor has good striking and his wrestling game is the worst in the division. 

The conference call comes to a close. 

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