Fightful Staff Prediction Leaderboard Final Standings For 2018!

The staff here at Fightful have been making predictions for many pro wrestling and MMA events, but now we will find out just who is the best.

A leaderboard has now been created to see just whom among the Fightful staff is the best of the best.

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This leaderboard will get updated after each weekend of pick ‘ems is complete and will continue until the final event of 2018. Once the final event of the year is complete, a Fightful Staff Pick'em Champion is going to be crowned. 

Those events that the member of the Fightful staff won or tied for will get shown in the (brackets). 

Point System

* 2 points goes to whomever finishes alone on top of the pick’em standings each weekend.

* 1 point goes to everybody on top of the pick ‘em standings if it ends in a tie.

* 0 points goes to those who weren’t good enough to win.

Overall Leaderboard

Sean Ross Sapp: 26 points ***Overall Pick'em Champion***

Kyler James: 21 points

Ryan Cook: 17 points

Jeremy Lambert: 15 points

James Lynch: 11 points 

David Tees: 10 points

Pat Fannin: 6 points

John Moorehouse: 4 points

Carlos Toro: 2 points

Andrew Thompson: 1 point

Alex Pawlowski: 0 points

Mike Straw: 0 points

Anna Bauert: 0 points

MMA leaderboard is on Page Two...

MMA Leaderboard

Sean Ross Sapp: 20 points ***MMA Pick'em Champion****

James Lynch: 17 points 

Kyler James: 13 points

Ryan Cook: 12 points

Pat Fannin: 12 points

Jeremy Lambert: 9 points

David Tees: 8 points

John Moorehouse: 3 points

Mike Straw: 2 points

Andrew Thompson: 1 point

Carlos Toro: 0 points

Anna Bauert: 0 points

Pro wrestling leaderboard is one Page Three...

Pro Wrestling Leaderboard

Kyler James: 11 points ***Pro Wrestling Pick'em Co-Champion***

Sean Ross Sapp: 11 points ***Pro Wrestling Pick'em Co-Champion***

David Tees: 10 points

John Moorehouse: 8 points

Jeremy Lambert: 7 points

Ryan Cook: 6 points

Pat Fannin: 4 points

Andrew Thompson: 3 point

James Lynch: 0 points 

Carlos Toro: 0 points

Mike Straw: 0 points

Anna Bauert: 0 points

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