Floyd Mayweather Q&A Ahead Of Rizin 14 Exhibition


Floyd Mayweather will have a presence at this week's Rizin FF 14 show, where he'll take on Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition boxing bout.

Ahead of the show, Mayweather spoke with Rizin about the event. Below is the transcript provided by Rizin, unedited, of their Q&A with Floyd Mayweather.  

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A: I just landed in tokyo, tokyo is an amazing place. ive been here a couple of times before. its all about entertainment. I wanna go out there have fun and entertain I’m here for the fans, i love the people i love the culture. im pretty sure you guys got questions, and im here to answer all questions. I would like to thank ONE entertainment, i would like to thank brett johnson, but i also want to take my hat off to janice mcnair. Him and brett johnson working together, they both are team players. we made it happen. RIZIN, you guys are doing an amazing job with the fighters. Keep up the great work. and mayweather promotions which is my company, we are the past, they present and the future of sports and entertainment.

Q: Welcome to tokyo, thank you for coming to the press conference. You just arrived in japan. how do you feel, how is your condition going into the match 2 days from now.

A: I’m not worried about anything. I don't have to train for 3 rounds. As far as contact sports, i’ve seen everything throughout my career. I have my first fight in 1987, so im just here to have fun.

Q: What kind of match would you like it to be?

A: It doesnt really matter. Im pretty sure hes going to do what he does, and im just going to be floyd mayweather.

Q: your oponent tenshin that he’d like to try to hit you once or twice as much as possible, what do you think about that?

A: y thing is youth is on his side. hes very young, hes very active, very tough. i had a chance to see somehighlights. i was impressed with tenshin. he don't have to worry about anything. whether its sparring or exhibition or a fight, when you dish it out, you have to take it. even though its just 3 rounds, i think we should give the people action.

Q: How do you feel about the experience to fight in rizin. theres a big arena, what are your emotions about it?

A: its just another day. like when i wake up, take a shower and put my clothes on, fighting is something that ive been doing for over 30 years. its just another day. i worry about entertaining the fans, but once the bell rings, its all about having fun going out there and doing what i do best.

Q: Are you interested in a rematch dpeending on the result?

A: I’mm not worried about that. I’ve never touched the canvas once. I’ve been hit by some of the biggets punchers in the sport of boxing. If you look at my record, my career. Pacquiao, cotto, marquez, the list goes on and on. So many different fighters that i faced that were big punchers. I’m sure hes taking the fight extremely serious, but its just another day. I don't have to work hard in the gym for 3 rounds. I can do 3 rounds in my sleep. we’ll see what he brings to the table. as far as me getting knocked out or knocked down, i don't worry about it. if it does hapen, thats entertainment thats what we need to see.

Q: As boxing continues to spread throughout the world, will we continue to see african americans continue to dominate or will we see a variety of champions?

A: I’m not here to talk about race or color. I’m here in another part of the world to entertain. I’m here to say that i love and i like everyone, i want the sport of boxing to live worldwide, i will keep pushing contact sports period.

Q: How has your reception been from the japanese fans?

A: I had the chance to travel throughout the eowlrd, the love that ive received throughout the world, the fans are amazing. the impact that i have on fighters, not just boxers, fighters period in combat sports has been truly amazing and im very grateful and my team is very pleased with outcome that we receive from the fans throughout life.

Q: Have you trained anything with rizin gloves?

A: I’m not sure, i know the gloves that i normally fight in is grant. i don't know nothing about rizin gloves. its whatever. i communicate with my team, and see what we come up with. im pretty sure both sides will be hapy. it doesnt matter if its 8 oz or 4 oz, if 6 oz its better. If my hands can go in a 6 oz glove then even better. I didnt mean 4 oz.

Q: Tenshin mentioned he wants to kick you, is there something in the contract that prevents it?

A: I’m gonna let brett johnson touch on that.
---brett: There is a penalty clause of an undisclosed amount if he uses any moves that are mma in nature. we want to make sure that he fights under the boxing rules. Kenny bayless will be referring the bout, and he will make sure its a great fight for everyone.

I want to say thank you to tokyo, thank you to rizin, thank you to one entertainment, brett johnson. thanks to james mcnair, mayweather promotions and my team all coming together, making this happen. you guys have been truly amazing. I appreciate the turnout. and we look forward to coming back

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