Frank Mir Reveals How He First Got Into The UFC


Frank Mir is one of the most accomplished heavyweights in UFC history, holding the UFC Heavyweight Title and UFC Interim Heavyweight Title.

The heavyweight, who’s now serving a suspension from USADA after a failed drug test, reveals just how he got his start in the promotion.

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“There was no idea I was going to get paid to do that; I just loved to train,” Mir told MMA Junkie Radio. “So, there was one day, I was in the gym at Modern Martial Arts, and this short, unassuming individual on a 10-speed bike showed up. Said he’d just gotten a place nearby there because the offices he works at, Zuffa, were right there. So like, ‘What do you do?’ Oh, ‘I’m vice president or matchmaker for the UFC.’ Like, really? He just showed up on a 10-speed! ‘You’re a matchmaker, huh buddy?’ It’s just not what you would think. And then he was watching me train and roll around and noticed how well I moved for a heavyweight. And had mentioned, ‘Hey, have you thought about fighting professionally?’ And I already had. I went like, ‘I like fighting. I want to do it. I just never aspired –’ ”Well, we have your number.'”

The suspended fighter currently serves as a color commentator for the Absolute Championships Berkut company out of Russia. No matter where his career goes from here, Mir knows he got a great opportunity that started with a bit of luck.

“That is an opportunity where he just chose my gym to walk into, and I happened to be training there,” Mir said. “It worked out. Now, again, I was doing all the hard work already. It wasn’t like I just walked down the street and someone goes, ‘Hey you would you be interested in shooting a movie?’ I was doing everything, but had he gone north instead of south, what gym could have he walked into? Or maybe that day I called in sick, or didn’t feel good, or my shift got changed.”

Mir will be heard next at Absolute Championships Berkut 54, which will be taking place on March 11.

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