Glaico Franca Accepts, Completes 9 Month Suspension From NAC

Glaico Franca has accepted and completed a suspension all in the same day.

Franca made it to the PFL Season 2 playoffs in 2019 but lost in the semi-finals to David Michaud. He subsequently failed an in-competition drug test conducted by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC).

A NAC meeting was held earlier today and Franca has accepted a nine-month suspension from the athletic commission. Since the suspension is retroactive to the date of the failure (October 11), it has already come to an end. Franca must pay a fine of $7,500, and attorney’s fees adding up to $617.78. Franca will also have to pass a series of drug tests taken 30 days, 15 days and three days before his next scheduled fight. He will also pay those expenses.

The PFL postponed Season 3 due to the coronavirus and may not hold any events until 2021. Franca retired after the second season of the PFL came to an end.

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