How Your Favorite Wrestlers Relax

Contrary to popular belief, pro wrestlers are indeed human beings with all of the corresponding flaws and virtues. They are not just circus freaks who think of nothing else but how to break your head or crack a bone. In reality, the situation is totally different.

Many WWE professionals enjoy things that you normally wouldn’t associate with them. Their leisure time activities vary greatly and you would be surprised to learn more about it. Certain wrestlers are known as famous pokey players, while others simply love spending time with their families.

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Our goal is not to discuss the hobby of every pro wrestler out there, but we do want to point out some of their most interesting sideline activities and show how your favorite wrestlers relax. Here are our top seven picks!

  • Many Wrestlers Love to Play Poker Online

With vivid personalities, many wrestlers are expected to have a hobby that makes people raise their eyebrows. As it turns out, fast withdrawal casinos are a passion, as many are dedicated online poker players.

Wrestling fans recognize Typhoon, Justin Gabirel, Chavo Guerrero and others for their skills in the ring., but outside they're gambler who strongly believes that poker is a hobby for a grown man, as displayed by their public games.

We can’t say that we are surprised because the world has been witnessing massive poker interest growth in the last few years, particularly on the Internet. Ambitious as they are, wrestlers simply follows the trend and takes risks while gambling online. He takes gambling for granted and sees poker winnings as a hobby.

  • Mick Foley Spends Time in His Santa Room

If you think gambling is strange, take a look at Mick Foley and his relaxation method. The legend of WWE loves pretending to be Santa Claus, so he spends a lot of time in his personal Santa room.

But the hobby isn’t purely a personal thing for Mick.

On the contrary, this wrestling legend is also doing it to indulge kids in hospitals who don’t really expect Santa to pay them a visit. Here’s what Mick once stated when asked about his Santa adventure: “It resonated so deeply in me, this ability to take children’s minds off their problems.”

All wrestlers are mean, but some of them reveal a different face as soon as they step out of the ring.

  • TJ Perkins Is Proud of His Pet Pigs

As a genuine WWE fan, you probably know TJ Perkins as the first ever Cruiserweight Champion who has won the title dominantly back in 2016. What you probably don’t know is his hobby since TJ Perkins owns a few pet pigs.

This is definitely one of the strangest things in pro wrestling, particularly if you know that TJ Perkins frequently shares pig photos on his Instagram profile. More surprisingly, TJ Perkins teaches his pigs all sorts of funny tricks and dresses them up in order to organize photo shoots.

We admire his will and determination, but we can’t help but laugh at his hobby.

  • Bayley Is a Pogo Stick Player

Have you ever seen anyone playing a pogo stick? We bet you haven’t – at least not adults - because it’s such an unusual thing to do for a grownup person. Bayley is not just the only woman on our list but also the only pro wrestler who plays a pogo stick for fun!

What surprises us the most is the fact that WWE still hasn’t found a way to promote Bayley’s hobby and capitalize on it. After all, a pogo stick is still ultra-popular among children and some of them may be surprised to see a wrestling star playing on it.

The fans of Daniel Bryan probably know the guy as a former wrestling champion of the world, but his interests go way beyond the sports realm. In case you didn’t know, Daniel Bryan has appeared in several episodes of Total Divas and Total Bellas to showcase his gardening prowess.

Daniel himself stated that he would love to focus on gardening exclusively as soon as he withdraws from the WWE world. Daniel also uses his wife’s YouTube channel to post gardening videos where he explains how to cultivate and nurture different species.

As one of the genuine superstars of pro wrestling, Roman Reigns grabs the media attention on and off the ring. He does it successfully with some heavy punching on the court and simple hobbies off the court.

Namely, Roman is totally into video games and he spends most of his spare time playing the latest releases. Call of Duty is his favorite video game, but we’ve seen him playing a few more games as well. What is even more interesting about Roman Reigns is that he is not shy of playing games online with his fans.

  • Shinsuke Nakamura Rides the Waves

Shinsuke Nakamura is probably not the first name you’ll think of when talking about pro wrestling, but we added the man to the list because he has the coolest hobby of all. Shinsuke is a passionate surfer and he spends a lot of time riding the waves. He loves surfing so much that he even stated that his WWE career stops him from doing what he really wants.

The Bottom Line
Every man needs a hobby because that’s the only way to get his thoughts off everyday tasks and activities. Pro wrestlers are by no means an exception here because they also need to relax and spend time doing something totally different.

But some of them do quite bizarre things in their spare time and it’s interesting to analyze what turns them on when they are off the court. In this post, we showed you how your favorite wrestlers relax by discussing the seven most interesting leisure time activities.

Do you think this is all normal? Did anyone surprise you with a completely unpredictable hobby? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section and make sure to share your hobby-related stories!

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