Ian McCall Offers Legal Advice To Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson has retired from professional MMA and he recently revealed that he’s getting involved in the medical marijuana business.

Ian McCall is still fighting and not retired yet, but he still has some legal advice to offer the former fighter.

“Get a lawyer,” McCall told MMA Junkie. “Get a really, really good lawyer, and pay the yearly retainer fee. Pony up, because the rules change all the time. When the rules change like that, you can go to (expletive) prison.”

McCall did try himself to get into the medical marijuana business, but too many struggles lead to him leaving the industry.

However, if the right opportunity arose, the flyweight competitor wouldn’t mind taking another chance.

“I would love to get into one,” he said. “I need to.”

The reason behind McCall leaving the marijuana business in the first place was due to a falling out he had with his business partners. As for Johnson, the former fighter retired after a submission loss to UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 210.

It has been over two years since UFC fans last saw McCall in the Octagon, as his last bout was a loss to John Lineker at UFC 183.

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