The Invicta FC 37 weigh-ins are complete and besides one fighter, everybody made weight for tomorrow nights card. The lone miss came from Nicolle Caliari, who missed weight for her strawweight division bout by 0.2 pounds.

Here are the full Invicta FC 37 weigh-in results:

Pearl Gonzalez (125.7) vs. Brogan Walker-Sanchez (125.5)

Mariya Agapova (125.9) vs. Marilia Santos (125.5)

Kay Hansen (116) vs. Nicolle Caliari (116.2) *1

Shino VanHoose (106) vs. Lindsey VanZandt (105.3)

Linda Mihalec (105.5) vs. Marisa Messer-Belenchia (106)

Megan Cawley (135.6) vs. Hope Chase (135.8)

Jordan Kaaze (125.4) vs. Claire Guthrie (125.6)


*1: Missed weight by 0.2 pounds

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