Jake Shields Happy He Nailed Dillon Danis With Coffee At UFC 202 Press Conference

A lot of people are under the impression that UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz were the only ones involved in the ruckus at the infamous UFC 202 pre-fight press conference.

However, former UFC fighter Jake Shields and Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert Dillon Danis were also involved as well.

“Oh I got my target,” Shields said to Bloody Elbow. “I would have thrown it harder if I was trying not to get him, but Dillon was right there, so that’s who I was aiming for. I got him and a couple of Conor’s guys. Their shirts had coffee all over them. So I’ll see if I can find some pictures of him getting hit since he’s talking shit. He had coffee all over him. It was pretty funny. So yeah, I think he’s just mad that I got him good with the coffee. I know I saw him talking shit to Nate and I was like, “oh, fuck this,” and I chucked it at him.”

Danis, following the incident, took a shot of his own at Shields via Instagram:

i have never witnessed so much athleticism in a single man #SequoyahShields

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The rivalry between Shields and Danis will come to an end when the two meet in the main event of Submission Underground 4.

“Well Dillon is a guy that will go for it,” Shields explained. “So I don’t expect him to stall, which is nice. So I think we’re just both going to go out there and hunt for submissions right away. There’s no points, so I see us both going straight at it and hopefully one of us will be submitted – well, not one of us, hopefully I’ll submit him in regulation time and not have the overtime because the overtime is a little weird. You know, you start in the armbar and back, and that’s a position I think is a little bit shitty. So hopefully we don’t go in that. Hopefully I get a submission in the regulation time period.”

Submission Underground 4 takes place on Sunday, May 14 from the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon with Jake Shields and Dillon Danis headlining.

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