Jessica Eye Verbally Assaults Paige VanZant


Jessica Eye was set to make her flyweight division debut against Paige VanZant at UFC 216, but then VanZant claimed a back injury and was pulled from the fight.

The female star says she recently received a phone call and the person on the other line said PVZ isn’t fighting her now because she has nothing to gain from the fight. This call and the previous fight cancelation have now lead to Eye unleashing a verbal tirade against the fighter.

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That verbal tirade came through a video post on Facebook:

In that video, the longtime UFC fighter took it to her one time opponent:

“Now I receive a phone call today that Paige VanZant, again, this time [isn’t] injured, but is refusing to fight me. Now, I guess, me as a woman and as a professional, we have a legal signed document that we agreed upon, that I signed for you, and you agreed upon as a professional and as a woman, to fight me — because you’re an athlete and you’re a professional fighter, and because that’s what professional fighters do. We don’t run from each other. It doesn’t matter what you did at 115, it doesn’t matter what I did at 135. All bets are off now. It doesn’t matter, because now it’s at 125. This is a new weight class and this is a new opportunity for you to be a winner, and for me also to be a winner. You said that this fight does nothing for you, because I’m coming off a loss and that it’s too tough. Then why did you contact me originally? Then why did you message me? Why did you hurt the UFC and make them jump through hoops to constantly give you what you want? Constantly. It’s unfair, and I don’t care who agrees with me or not. This is my world and I live in it. You guys just watch it from the outside. And it’s bullsh*t. It’s absolute bullsh*t that you can pull out of a fight for no apparent reason other than you’re scared, and that’s not cool in my opinion. And it’s not what we represent here as fighters. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to promote as a public figure who has a blue checkmark, instead of doing just these things, Dancing with the Stars and these other things? Yes, they’re great. They’re awesome, they’re wonderful. I hope I get those opportunities too one day. But we’re fighters. We’re here to fight. We’re not here to be friends. We’re not here to be the prettiest, we’re not here to be the ugliest. We’re here to fight. And that’s what I came to the UFC to do, to fight. It’s bullsh*t, Paige. And I hope you hear this.”

MMA Fighting is reporting that PVZ is expected to compete at UFC Fight Night St. Louis, but Eye will not be her opponent on that night.

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