Joe Lauzon Believes Al Iaquinta Is Trying To Get Fired

There's not much that UFC fighters Joe Lauzon and Al Iaquinta have in common, other than the fact that they both compete in the UFC Lightweight Division.

Iaquinta has been speaking out against the UFC as of late and Lauzon just thinks fighter is attempting to get himself retired.

“I think he’s trying to get fired at this point,” Lauzon said on The MMA Hour. “I think he’s chalking it up as a loss and he’s trying to get out of his contract any way he can. I think he’s going about it all wrong.”

The New York native in Iaquinta has only competed one time in the last two years, which was a victory over Diego Sanchez at UFC Fight Night 108. The lightweight veteran Lauzon thinks that the UFC is simply going to make an example out of Iaquinta.

“Saying ‘F the UFC’ and all sort of stuff is not going to help him,” Lauzon said. “He was on a three-fight, like, he wasn’t eligible for bonuses. It’s not going to help him to keep doing this, because, what’s going to happen? UFC is goes and caves in to him if he keeps doing this, and gives in to his demands, you’re going to have 450 guys going ‘F the UFC’ on Twitter nonstop. They’re going to make an example of him.”

Lauzon doesn’t have a fight scheduled at the moment, but his last bout also came at the previously mentioned UFC Fight Night 108 card.

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