Julie Kedzie Shit Her Pants In Russia And Hung Out With Putin


In 2007, Julie Kedzie partied with Putin with shit in her shorts. Just a normal day. 

During a fight in St. Petersburg, Julie Kedize shit her pants, and shared the story on The Joe Rogan Experience. She told Rogan how she beat Julia Berezikova in the fight, when she soiled herself. It wasn't pretty.

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"That fight, first thing she does, it was against Julia Berezikova, first thing she does is punch me in the nose, just shatters my nose, blood everywhere," said Kedzie. "Somehow I clicked and I did well in the fight and ended up getting mounted triangle and finished with strikes," continued Kedzie. 

Kedzie wouldn't change all night, and and was rushed out of the arena after the bout, with no one else aware of her poopy pants. Well, Berezikova probably had some sort of clue. Kedzie chronicled her doody-filled memories..

"In between rounds, one of the corner men put cold water on the back of my neck and I thought I just farted. I thought it was a fart. And this poor girl, mounted triangle no less. I felt horrible, I had no idea of this," said Kedzie. "So they grab us put us on this bus, I'm still in my fight clothes, still blood, I still have my gloves on, and they just put us on a bus and separate me and Amanda Buckner from our corner men and everything. Because we won our fight, they take us to this palace, I can't remember who's palace, it was in St. Petersburg and it was beautiful." she added. 

Covered in blood and feces, Kedzie partied with  Fedor Emelianenko, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Vladimir Putin. She realized she had shat her pants while in the bathroom of the mansion, where she would ditch her underwear. Rogan showed a picture of Kedzie with Putin. Kedzie expressed how odd it is to look back to see how she met such an "evil man."  

More like Vladamir POOTIN', right!?

The rest of the podcast can be found on Joe Rogan's YouTube channel.  

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