Ken Shamrock Punished For Failed Drug Test


Six months after the fight, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock will face punishment for a failed drug test.

According to MMA Junkie, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation have reached a settlement in relation to his drug test failure at Bellator 149. Shamrock's combative sports license in the state is now revoked, and he'll be required to pay a $2,500 fine.

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Shamrock's pre-fight urine test showed up positive for methadone and the steroid nandrolone. He would go on to lose a controversial fight to Royce Gracie on the show, and has made attempts to appeal, claiming that the loss happened due to a low blow from Gracie. 

Shamrock recently commented on PEDs during an interview with Brown and Scoop:

"This thing has been allowed to go on for 20-plus years in the MMA world and the other sports world 50-60 years. Now all of a sudden, people are starting to act like they don't know. Once you allow something that has gone on for so long, it doesn't stop overnight. They're trying to do something here without gradually going into it. They just want to go in and block it and say it's all better. Well, that's just not possible, especially for the guys that are top stars that have used it probably even in a sensible way under a doctor's care, where it's more of a replacement therapy. I know that's what I was doing. You get over 40-something years old, your hormones are just not the same. It's a fine line. There's guy that abuse it and there are guys that are doing it for health reasons and for recovery reasons. Let's just say it more PED usage, everybody goes off of it. People are not looking at the big picture here. What's gonna happen is we're going to go back 20 years of athleticism. You take all of the PEDs out of sports and clean it up and we're going back to college, junior college days in athleticism across the board, except for a few individuals. That's what's going to happen. I do not believe that the fan base understands what it is they are asking for. Because the reason why all the seats are filled in all these arenas and all over the world is because of what they get to see these athletes do that is phenomenal and that won't be the same. The ones that go on it under a doctor's care are going to be okay. The ones that have to get it on the black market because they can't afford a doctor, that's where the danger comes in. Because now they can't go under a doctor's care and it's illegal. No doctors are going to put them on testosterone placement as a fighter they're not going to do it. They're just not going to jeopardize their career. These guys are going to go on the black market to get it, underground, they're not going to tell people about it, they're not going to get the physicals or the blood work done because they feel like they're going to get caught. There's no doctor there to help them," Shamrock said. 

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