Khabib Nurmagomedov Believed A Win Against Gaethje Will Help Him Be The Floyd Mayweather of MMA

UFC champion and favourite Khabib Nurmagomedov has told the press that he believes he will be the Floyd Mayweather Equivalent of the MMA world. However, this will only happen, if he manages to retire with a perfect 30-0 win over defeat record. Of course, all things take great time, and Mayweather himself managed to retire with a perfect 50-0 score himself. Khabib is only 2 matches away from achieving that score and therefore making the history books is a not so far away idea at all.


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UFC betting has definitely hit higher climes because of the athlete Khabib, and there will be no doubt that special bets will take place, surrounding the fact if Khabib can actually make that clean 30-0 retirement record. Many people would definitely bet in favour of that as after all, he is the people's champion.


Khabib quotes Yahoo sports, saying he does not know if it will actually happen, but his physical performance is ‘looking good’ and there is no reason to doubt that his next two appearances within the octagon, would not be a success. He is very close to it, and now not the time to doubt his fitness abilities.


Khabib believes that a winning fight with Gaethje will most definitely top off previously memorable matches from the past, by the likes of McGregor, which everyone still talks about until this day. One more fight will further put him in history as a sport artist, even though the McGregor fight did more than that, as many today put it in the same equivalence as Muhammed Ali’s Manilla fight.


Nurmagomedov believes that his next match will be one that people will watch for the 5 or so decades and still remember it as if it was yesterday. It is not every day that sporting artists execute techniques like Khabib. Georges is even tempted out of retirement for this match, as it is too good to resist. The Canadian not only has great respect for Khabib, but it would further be the icing on top of the cake if he managed to win the world's current favourite champion that is Khabib.  


However, this finale is not ever officially on the cards, as Khabib will first need to make sure that he manages to defeat Gaethje in this weekend's fight of the season. If Khabib manages to do it, there will be no doubt that the final match with Georges will be a memorable and historical moment in MMA. 


Many people are trying to convince both parties to manifest this fight, but it has been said from the likes of Georges personal trainer, if Khabib manages to make his next 29-0 win, that should be more than enough to convince the retired star out of his fight free period. Khabib has to win, to make this a reality! 


So, all fans can do in this current time is wait and pray that Khabib manages to win, even though secretly many think he has won already…

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