Kratom- A Plant with The Most Notorious Reputation in The World

Herbs have always held immense importance for magnifying the quality of human life. However, there are many that continue to be hounded by media and critics for being dangerous to health. kratom is one such herb, which continues to be in the news for all the wrong reasons and is often cited as one of the most toxic herbs of all times.

If you are looking forward to getting valuable information on this plant, we’re glad to have you here. You must know, kratom is over 10,000 years old and is expected to be one of the first ever plant species discovered by mankind. When it was discovered in the early 19th century, it gained much popularity across the globe because of its recreational uses. However, now, with much advancement in technology and medical research, this plant is still having a tough time penetrating the commercial herb market.

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Kratom is a tropical herb that is native to Southeast Asia and is cultivated in abundance across different Asian countries. If you visit Indonesia and Thailand, you will be surprised to see that this plant is a major industry over there. When the Americans developed an opioid crisis, the Asians were among the first group of people to claim this opportunity and supply kratom. Today, this plant has over 100 million consumers across the globe and has a staggering net worth of around $400 million. Because it is traded in large volumes in the black market, the exact net worth is not known.

This plant is banned in most parts of the globe because of its side effects. People who are frequent consumers of kratom claim that it causes anxiety, engages them in depression, can damage lungs, causes dry mouth, and itching on the skin. In severe cases, this plant can cause addiction and even death. People love to consume kratom crazy maeng da and red Borneo because they are believed to be the strongest strains of this plant. Although this plant has no proven health benefits for the body, it is best to check with a doctor to know the right dosage.

Kratom was once highly embraced within the world of MMA, with it coming into the forefront of the sport in the mid 2000s. It gained heavy attention when UFC commentator Joe Rogan spoke of it in 2016. There were also several companies that sponsored UFC fighters along the way.

The only proven health benefit of this plant is, it can treat obesity. Not to forget, around 2 billion people across the globe suffer from different health conditions caused by obesity. This is why kratom is a lifesaver for them. Currently, kratom is trying hard to penetrate in the global health market but always fails because of its proven health effects. There have been several instances in the past when critics held campaigns to ban this plant. However, when such a situation would arise, fans would come out in support and flock the streets with rage. Unless something concrete doesn’t stem out of medical research, it is hard to say if kratom will ever be approved for use as a drug.

Right now, many online vendors are selling with plants because they don’t want to get in trouble with the governmental laws. Possession of kratom can result in an individual being jailed for three years with the payment of a hefty fine.

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