Luke Harper has sat on the sidelines with a knee injury since before WWE's biggest event of the year, WrestleMania. Ahead of what might be UFC's biggest show of the year in UFC 202, Harper has some thoughts on main eventer Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor turned heads and made headlines earlier this month while speaking to media, and called most WWE wrestlers 'pussies.' What ensued was a war of words between McGregor and a significant portion of the WWE roster. Luke Harper continued as much during his recent interview on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show.

“I mean here’s the thing when he comes and works for WWE, can I call him a pussy? How does that work? Sure, he’s a smart businessman, he knows exactly what he needed to do to drum up a little interest, but my man blew his biggest payday known to man in MMA at [UFC 200] and a professional wrestler had to come and pick up his scraps and save the show…Business is business, but he doesn’t understand my world and fairly, I don’t understand his," Harper admitted.

McGregor was asked about the WWE during a media call, so Harper understands the importance of being prompted in the conversation. However, Harper, who took offense to Cryme Tyme being ranked above him in a WWE article, also took offense to McGregor's statements.

"For what he said, he said something off the cuff at an interview, that I’ve probably done already today, maybe, we’ll find out in a couple days, he said what he had to say, absolutely fine, much respect, he said it off the cuff, but it’s very measured and he knows what he’s doing. At the same time as a man in our business, it’s offensive. You’re calling us all pussies. You’re saying line up and I’ll slap each one of you. I think Big E said it best, ‘How do you want us to line up, sir?’ How do you want us to line up so you can slap the sh*t out of us? You tell us…He can do what he needs to do, but if he comes up to me and slaps me, then we’ll have a go. That’s the end of it," Harper said.

You can see the full interview at this link.

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