Mark Hunt Responds to New Action Figure: “Why Did You Do This to Me?”


Over the last year, Mark Hunt has had a lot of issues worth complaining about. The alleged shenanigans surrounding his UFC 200 fight with Brock Lesnar certainly frustrated the ‘Super Samoan’ but now he has a real problem on his plate. Based upon Hunt’s Instagram post earlier this week, the UFC Heavyweight contender has a new action figure. On paper that sounds great right? What an honor to be so cool that there’s a toy version of yourself...right? Well, in execution it turns out that this particular figure isn’t quite as awesome, especially for Hunt himself.

In fairness the head doesn’t seem too bad, it’s perhaps slightly lacking in size but it has the bleached hair and even Hunt’s signature facial hair style. Below that though the image revealed a quite uniquely shaped physique. The waist and stomach wasn't very flattering and seemed a little off but it's what lied both above and below that area that seems to have really left the beloved knockout artist confused. Why? Well to quote Mr Hunt directly, the figure has his “man boobs and penis on display”. The reasoning behind that choice is still seemingly unclear and also, whilst I appreciate that this is an afterthought at this point, it seems that the figure even has interchangeable hands. Thought that was worth mentioning.

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Why would u do this to me man boobs and penis on display why bleeeee why u do it Mei Wen Ti how dare u bastards

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Now believe it or not, I’m no expert on this sort of thing but my research suggests that this is the ‘Worldbox Body’ brand’s first venture into the MMA world and based on the results, it may be their last. It’s certainly a unique attempt at recreating Hunt and not exactly the most conventional action figure of an MMA fighter but on the bright-side, at least it’s memorable. It’s important to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course so perhaps someone out there thinks this is a favorable take on Hunt’s appearance. Personally, I’m not so sure and in many ways can only reiterate Hunt’s response, “Why did you do this?” and more importantly “how dare you bastards”.

It’s at this point that I should probably redirect you to where this figure will at some point be available for purchase but frankly, I have absolutely no idea of that location. If you’re interested, good luck to you but on a more serious note, Hunt has a pivotal fight awaiting him on June 11th as he takes on Derrick Lewis at home in New Zealand. Lewis has momentum on his side but as he’s shown so many times before, Hunt only needs one shot to revitalize his storied career. Let’s hope that he turns up looking in better shape than this action figure does here though.

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