Matt Hughes Wishes BJ Penn Would Pick Better Opponents To Fight

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes hasn’t competed in many years now, but is contemplating a return to action.

One of the former champions biggest rivals was former two division champion BJ Penn, but Hughes wishes that the Hawaiian would be a bit smarter when picking future opponents.

“I wish he would just find the right opponent, you know?” Hughes said on The MMA Hour. “I’ve always told him, ‘hey B.J., you’re so good on the ground, find an older Brazilian that’s not going to have’ ... typically Brazilians don’t have the best cardio, ‘find an old Brazilian who’s not in shape who’s going to want to be on the ground, and kind of get your hand in the air, go out that way.’”

The MMA legends met three times in the UFC, with Penn coming out on top in two of those fights.

In the end though, the former welterweight champion in Hughes knows that Penn still wants to fight the best that the sport has to offer.

“BJ is such a competitor that he wants to fight the best out there,” Hughes said. “That’s just the way he’s always been. My hat goes off to him for being that way, but I wish he would just be kind of a little smarter about it and really really choose a right opponent.”

Penn returned from retirement at UFC Fight Night 103, where he was promptly defeated by Yair Rodriguez.

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