Max Holloway (Still) Wants To Fight José Aldo or Frankie Edgar


The list of UFC fighters who have earned a shot at a title and haven't gotten one is growing. The current booking trends do not seem to be helping. Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson actually compared UFC matchmaking to the WWE on SiriusXM, and he's not wrong. It's not official that he'll be passed up for a title shot in lieu of a "big money fight" with Tyron Woodley and Georges St-Pierre, but it wouldn't be a huge surprise. Another victim in this scenario is Max Holloway.

Holloway, like a screaming comet, has blasted through the Featherweight division. He's racked up a nine fight win streak, which is unheard of in a fight climate that resembles a death field of carnivorous dinosaurs. With Conor McGregor preoccupied with his white whale Nate Diaz, the UFC has basically just been shrugging and placing Holloway up with progressively hype-train derailing opponents to no avail. Now, there is pretty much only two options left: José Aldo or Frankie Edgar. 

Max Holloway KO's Justin Gaethje In Buzzer Beater Throwdown Finish At UFC 300

This is not even breaking news. Holloway has been echoing this sentiment for months and months prior. What does a badass have to do to get a title shot around here? Go on an obscenity-laced rant on a live FOX show like Diaz? The good thing about all this is that at least Edgar agrees.

“This division is full of great fights for me and I want to keep it moving. I know Max Holloway is out there. Jeremy Stephens is out there and either of them would make sense. Just because I fell short in my last fight doesn’t mean I’m letting up in the slightest in my push to become the featherweight champion," said Edgar to FloCombat

It seems at this point, that Holloway is a guy doing all the right things but just cant catch a break. He's had not one boring fight, including a now infamous ten second violence pact made with Ricardo Lamas, he constantly rallies for a UFC Hawaii event and is a devoted company man. It seems like Holloway may need to do something the UFC can't deny, like emphatically beating one of those opponents like Edgar knocked out Chad Mendes.




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