Michael Bisping Wants GSP Fight At UFC 206, Dana White And GSP Respond

The UFC - Georges St.-Pierre situation continues to get weirder by the day.

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping took to Twitter Tuesday evening to call out self-professed free agent Georges St-Pierre for a middleweight title fight at UFC 206. The show takes place in Toronto, Canada, a place GSP has found great success in, both financially and professionally.

Bisping stated that Dana White offered him the fight, and he verbally agreed before noting that the UFC and St-Pierre's camp had been negotiating the fight the last few days. GSP stated last week that he considers himself a free agent, because the two sides couldn't come to terms on a new contract.

GSP commented on the matter Wednedsday afternoon.

"Nothing would make me more happy in the world than to fight you in Toronto, Michael," St-Pierre said on Twitter. "Last week, I met with Ari and I made peace with Dana. I tried to resolve things, but unfortunately right now it's not happening. Hopefully, things will change soon."

Despite all this, UFC President Dana White confirmed to ESPN's Brett Okamoto that the fight wouldn't happen, even though he knows Bisping wants it.

Bisping is coming off of a victory over Dan Henderson at UFC 204.

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