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From Michael Chandler explaining his Ric Flair inspired promo, to Julianna Pena continuing to call out Amanda Nunes — Fightful has your fix of all the continued fallout from UFC 257 in one article.

Michael Chandler Explains Ric Flair Reference In UFC 257 Post Fight Promo

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Michael Chandler entered the UFC with a bang, knocking out Dan Hooker in the co-main event of UFC 257, but potentially made an even bigger statement on the microphone just afterwards.

When speaking to Jon Anik in the cage after the fight, Chandler cut a fiery speech that evoked the promo Ric Flair cut after winning the 1992 Royal Rumble. In the post-fight press conference, he went into greater detail, on what had inspired him to use that as a refernece point.

“I thought about it a couple of times,” Chandler smiled (h/t MMA Junkie). “The origination of that was actually (Daniel Cormier) and Ariel (Helwani) talking about why I was in the (EA Sports UFC) video game."

“Ariel said I shouldn’t have been in the video game (because) I hadn’t fought in the UFC yet," Chandler continued."But DC was like, ‘Well, yeah. But he’s Ric Flair. He came over from WCW and he got the title shot right away. Everybody was mad, but he’s Ric Flair.’"

“So it’s kinda funny," Chandler concluded. "I’m actually not the biggest WWE/pro wrestling guy, but it was ‘the best day of my professional career.’ I didn’t do the whole ‘tear in my eye’ thing, though, I thought that was a little too over the top. And the callouts came after that.”

Chandler enters the UFC after spending a decade fighting under the Bellator banner, where he was a three-time lightweight champion.

Michael Chandler Gives Thoughts On Consoling Your Opponent After A Win

At the same post-fight presser, Michael Chandler also expounded on his beliefs about post-fight etiquette, especially when it comes to opponents who have been knocked out.

When responding to a question about if he said anything to Dan Hooker after the fight, Chandler went into rather long detail about his philosophy, and how he finds the whole practice disresepctful.

"I'm not a big talk to your opponent after you win." Chandler explained "I'm really not. I actually think its one of the most disrespectful things in the sport. I think it's absolutely the worst. When you choke a guy out or knock him out and as soon as he comes to you start hugging him and kissing him. No, let the man take his loss, let him breathe, let him do his thing inside his head. I'm not there to be the holier than thou great god of sportsmanship to pick him up and dust him off. Let him deal with what he just went through, cause trust me I've been through it too, and I don't want anyone to look at me, touch me, talk to me for about a week."

Dana White Discusses Fate Of Targetted Illegal Streamer

At the UFC 257 press conference, Dana White gave an update on the illegal streamers that he's been targetting and claimed victory.

In advance of UFC 257, White had repeatedly mentioned the company has been targetting illegal streamers and even mentioned they had wire-tapped one of their targets homes. Well, with UFC 257 in the books, White was asked to give an update on the status of this individual, and White gloated about the effects while offering no evidence.

“So let me tell you that story,” White commented (h/t MMA Fighting). “The night, I guess it was I did an interview with BT [Sport] and then I think you asked me as the press conference and I basically said this is what’s going to happen. I told you guys that we found the guy and we were watching him.

“He put out a statement that night, said ‘I will not be streaming the McGregor vs. Poirier anymore, but I will show you how to buy it legally’ and put out this huge statement." White continued "Now his whole streaming service has been deleted and is gone. Disappeared. One down and sh*t load to go. I’m ready.”

White then went on to reiterate that his campaign against illegal streaming isn't finished, and he will continue his pursuit.

“Every event I’m going to go after one of these guys.” White said. “One of these or more, we’ll see."

“And who you are guy that did this, good move, we had you, pal. I don’t know if he knew or something but we had you. All you had to do was pop up that stream and you were in big trouble. He did the right thing.”

In a post that went around on social media on Sunday, the streamer appears to have been identified through a posting on a Discord channel. If this is indeed the correct posting it seems to fall well short of the sting operation that White had been touting.

Dana White Discusses Effects Of Possible Travel Restrictions, Considering Moving To Abu Dhabi For 2021

As travel restrictions into America changing with the incoming Biden administration, the UFC is considering all their options, and Dana White discussed that at the UFC 257 post-fight press conference.

After being asked about the company's plans for a return to Fight Island, White mapped out a rough schedule and gave comment on how much more difficult logistics will be in the coming months.

“I mean, if I had to map it out in my head we’d come back here in June or July,” White said (h/t MMA Mania). “Probably it’d be about that time. Who knows. While we were here there was a new inauguration [in the US] and we’ll see what happens. Travelling in America and all this stuff is going to be another massive challenge for us this year.”

“Yeah, it sounds like things are tightening up over there [in the United States],” he said. “Talking about 14 day quarantine like Canada and stuff like that. If that happens, that’s going to be a problem.”

White then went on to compliment the way everything was handled while they were in Abu Dhabi, and quipped that he might have to personally move there for the year.

“I’m trying to do everything we can do,” White said regarding the various complications. “This situation is never going to be perfect, but Abu Dhabi is as close to perfect as you can get. I might have to move here this year. It’s as close to perfect as you can get. The way that these guys do everything. Everything in this country is done to the best of everybody’s ability. It’s incredible.”

Julianna Pena Continues To Call Out Amanda Nunes

Shortly after defeating Sara McMann at UFC 257, Julianna Pena loudly called out UFC feather and bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, and she continued her campaign in greater detail at the post-fight press conference.

“She says I’m not a contender, but also a girl with. 500 record, with three wins and two losses, is more of a contender than I am?” Pena said (h/t MMA Junkie). “I don’t get it. She told me she would fight me and now she’s saying I’m not a contender. To me, it just sounds like she doesn’t want to fight me. I’m not injured and I’m ready to step in on short notice if that’s what needs to happen, but that’s the only fight that makes sense to me.”

Firmly, Pena closed by putting it clear that she sees no other logical fight for her, aside from the Nunes match.

“The plan is for me to fight for the belt. That’s always been the plan,” Pena said. “I don’t know. I’m going to talk to the bosses. But for the most part, Amanda is the only fight that makes sense for me.”

Joanne Calderwood Has Sights Set On A Top Five Matchup

Coming off her decisive win over Jessica Eye at UFC 257, Joanne Calderwood is determined to put herself back in position to fight for a title, and believes she should get a top-five opponent next time out.

While talking to the media at the post-fight press conference, Calderwood evaluated her performance, before turning her attention to what could be next.

“It feels good to be back in the ‘W’ column,” Calderwood said (h/t MMA Junkie). “I think I did a good fight. I never know until I watch it back, and I’ll be probably critical of myself, but as long as fans enjoyed it … I’m not injured and I’m ready to get back in the gym and work on what my coaches think I should get better at.”

“I’ve got like five defeats, and all the girls have been in the flyweight division, so I can take my pick from there,” Calderwood commented. “But whoever is above me, I’d like to slide in Jessica’s number, No. 6, and then next would be the top five. So yeah, (I’m) just looking forward to the next one already.”

Calderwood was previously in line for a shot at champion Valentina Shevchenko before taking and losing a short notice bout against Jennifer Maia and losing her title opportunity along with it.

Marina Rodriguez Comments On Controversial Stoppage

Due to a confusing end to the fight, Marina Rodriguez thought she'd defeated Amanda Ribas before she actually had, and she explained how she was feeling throughout the confusing situation.

“I saw that I was finishing the fight." Rodriguez explained (h/t MMA Junkie). "She wasn’t moving and the ref came in with his arms open, then I moved away. I didn’t need to hit her anymore. But when I looked around, there were different screams in the crowd. Nobody was coming in, so I had to go back in there and finish her again.”

Coming into UFC 257 as a large underdog, Rodriguez hopes that after her huge stoppage victory over Ribas she'll have high profile opportunities coming her way in the future.

“My name was barely mentioned before this fight. But granted, she faced a lot of great competition." Rodriguez commented "She is very popular, but I knew that I would go in there and make my name known.”

"I came into the UFC to fight the top-ranked fighters and I hope this win is going to get me over there. I’m always going to keep moving up, whatever the cost may be. I always want to fight because my goal has always been to fight for the belt.”

Coach Downplays Dan Hooker's Loss To Michael Chandler

After Dan Hooker's traumatic knockout loss to Michael Chandler at UFC 257, Hooker's coach Eugene Bareman was quick to dismiss the loss, and pledge his pupil will be back stronger.

Bareman expressed just how close the competition is at the highest level in the UFC during an interview with New Zealand based outlet Combat TV.

“Top 15 guys, nothing separates them,” Bareman said (h/t MMA Junkie). “Like I said, it’s equivalent to a 100-meter sprint. Between No. 1 and No. 10, there’s less than a second difference.

“So it’s not any different in the top 10, top five of the UFC. You’re separated by nothing. On any particular day, anyone can win, anyone can be champion. It’s just how close it is. That’s just how it is at the top end.”

Bareman went on to note that in the competitive landscape of the UFC, one loss doesn't derail your career like it would in a sport like boxing.

“This is the UFC, and in the UFC the best fight the best straight away." Bareman stated "There’s no maneuvering and you have to wait five years for Anthony Joshua to fight Tyson Fury. It’s none of that stuff. You get in the UFC, and you fight the best straight away. And for that reason, one loss doesn’t mean anything. In boxing, they put a lot more on that, but this is MMA. You’re forced to fight the best straight away. One loss for Conor, one loss for Dan, it doesn’t mean anything. Just like Conor lost before, just like Dustin lost before, just like Michael Chandler has lost before.”

Bareman has risen to prominence in recent years with the rise of New Zealand MMA, functioning as the headcoach for middleweight champion Isreal Adesenya, as well as the rest of his City Kickboxing team.

Nik Lentz Announce His Retirement

After battling eye problems for years, UFC veteran Nik Lentz has announced his retirement after losing a bloody fight to Movsar Evloev at UFC 257.

In an extended post to his remarks after his loss to Evloev, Lentz took to Instagram and made a full statement on his decision.

“They say don’t make rash decisions after a loss, but this one is not rash or even quick for that matter,” Lentz wrote. “The injury I suffered to my eyes last year was a career-ender. In total I lost about 40% of my vision, but I wanted to see what one more hard-fought battle was like with the new eyes. It was clear to me last night that it’s impossible for me to compete at this level anymore. I just can’t lock on to a moving target like I should, and with 40% of my vision practically gone… it’s chaotic to (say) the least.

“My life as fighter in the best organization on the planet ends here. I am not sad or upset by it, the day comes for everyone. I stand with my head high, God as my redeemer and my children and wife as my treasure. Fighting gave those treasures and only ask for a little vision as payment. A trade I would make 100% of the time.”

“Thank you to my fans, my coaches, my family and everyone who has been a part of this process. Who knows what comes next for The Carny…. but I can tell you what it’s not.”

Lentz entered the UFC all the way back in 2009 at UFC 103 where he defeated Rafaello Oliveira. Over the course of his 11 year, 25 fight UFC career, Lentz fought a who's who of the the light and featherweight divisions, including Chad Mendes, Charles Oliveira, Gray Maynard, and Will Brooks. He exists the UFC on three consecutive losses, that have been notably marked by dramatic damage to his eyes.

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