Mike Goldberg Talks About Surprise Appearance At UFC Fight Night 103


Former UFC commentator Mike Goldberg hasn’t been seen much since exiting the promotion after UFC 207.

Goldberg did attend UFC Fight Night 103 a few weeks later, but he never thought his former employer would show him live during the broadcast.

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“Random row. I go down, I see empty seats. I sit down with these dudes in front of me, I go, ‘anybody sitting here?’ They’re like, ‘no, no, no. Oooohhhh Mike Goldberg! Mike Goldberg!’ Random seats, could’ve been one in 18,000. And I see the camera come up and the lights are on, I know it’s one of live cameras. It’s one of the Steadicams where they come around and get crowd shots. So I see the light on, I give the shaka. And this is what I’m thinking: ‘okay, they’ve spotted me in the crowd and the truck is saying hello. They’re in commercial break, because they’re certainly not putting me on TV. Of course they’re not putting me on TV. They’re in commercial break.’ So I’m like, what’s up? Because I think I’m saying hi to my buddies, Anthony Girodano and everybody in the truck. I’m just saying hi, right? Well, much like your phone and your Twitter, whoosh... and I’m like ‘what the?!’,” Goldberg said on The MMA Hour.

Following his shocking guest spot at UFC Fight Night 103, Goldberg hasn’t been seen on TV for any MMA promotion. Either way, Goldberg feels that as long as the fans got a kick out of it, then all is good in the end.

"Imagine the production truck now: ‘Joe Lauzon!’ They go ‘take three’ or whatever to that crowd shot, and out pops Goldy,” Goldberg said. “Oooohhhh, just think about it for a second. One of 18,000 seats. One of how many crowd shots. They could’ve taken any camera other than that. And it was just meant to be. I mean, it was unbelievable. The chances of that happening… it wasn’t even my ticket. I wasn’t even supposed to be in the stands. I was ‘that dude’ getting past the usher, grabbing an empty seat to get closer to the action. And the fans were great. (The reaction online was,) first off, what a great guy, he’s there with the fans, which I was, because I am a fan and I am going to support ‘The Prodigy,’ my buddy B.J. Penn. Second, why isn’t he on the floor? Third, I hope he didn’t have to pay for the ticket. It just got better and better. It was just awesome. I just shook my head, and right after that, I should’ve gone and played the lottery. I really should’ve put some numbers down, because I was on a roll right then. I really was on a roll.”

The former UFC commentators last event was the aforementioned UFC 207 card, which saw Amanda Nunes defeat Ronda Rousey in the main event.

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