MMA community rallies behind Ryan Curtis after injuries


Mixed martial arts remains one of the top combat sports on the planet and continues to attract an ever-increasing army of fans with each passing year. Its appeal is easy to understand when you consider the famous brands it includes, such as the UFC, the adrenaline fueled MMA contests and the big-name fighters who light the sport up.

Betting is also closely linked to mixed martial arts and has helped make it extremely popular around the globe. There are some awesome sites for MMA betting and this is certainly one reason why wagering on the sport has become so popular. When you also factor in the exciting MMA events to bet on, the variety of markets to check out and the way betting on mixed martial adds extra spice to watching bouts, you can see why this is a key part of the industry.

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As with any combat sport though, serious injuries can occur, and Irish flyweight Ryan Curtis has sadly experienced this recently. In response, the mixed martial arts community has come together to rally around him and offer all the support they can.

Multiple serious injuries suffered by MMA pro Curtis

Many keen MMA fans will know Ryan Curtis and what he brings to the sport when competing. Aged 31, he is a 10-fight veteran of top tournaments such as Bellator and Cage Warriors. He is known to be a powerful hitter who is brave, fearless and a tough opponent to face.

Although many headline grabbing MMA incidents happen during official fights, the injuries suffered by Ryan Curtis were actually sustained when training in early January 2024. The injuries included a broken back, broken neck and a dislocated spine. In addition, these injuries have left him without the use of his arms or legs.

It is thought that he will need at least five months in hospital initially to start his recovery journey, followed by an unknown period of time with a specialist spinal team. For now, Curtis remains in serious condition in ICU, but fans should keep an eye on the latest MMA news to stay updated on his recovery journey.

MMA community rally around Ryan Curtis

As is the case with many other combat sports, there is a real bond between MMA fighters and a true sense of community between those within it. This has been in evidence since Ryan Curtis sustained his life-altering injuries — especially in the Irish MMA community. As Curtis hails from Ireland originally, this is perhaps no surprise.

To help support him and his family in this difficult time, a GoFundMe account has been set up in his name and several high-profile mixed martial arts names have donated to it. The most eye-catching was the reported £25,000 donation which MMA legend Conor McGregor made and the publicity he gave the GoFundMe page online. SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh and Bellator featherweight Leah McCourt have also been active in promoting the campaign on social media.

In addition to the above, figures from the wider MMA and sporting community have also been quick to show support for Curtis. Bellator executive Mike Kogan has donated $1,500 to the GoFundMe page, while boxer Michael Conlan donated $1,000. The campaign is now around 90% of the way towards its $100,000 objective at the time of writing.

MMA career may be over for Ryan Curtis

Although no one knows what the future holds or what someone as brave as Ryan Curtis might achieve in years to come, it is likely that his promising MMA career will be over. This is cast into stark

relief when you consider that the injuries he sustained are the most severe spinal cord injuries possible and resulted in him being rushed into emergency surgery at Royal Belfast hospital.

Although everyone in the MMA community and beyond hopes to see him regain full health at some point soon, it would surely be too much of a risk to fight again even if he was one day able too. With a loving family behind him and the mixed martial arts community in his corner, we hope he recovers sufficiently to take on a different role in the sport he loves. Whether this is commentating on fights, managing fighters or running his own MMA gym, this would enable him to stay involved with his passion in life.

Injuries to Ryan Curtis showcase MMA’s community spirit

There is no doubt that the freak training accident Ryan Curtis suffered was tragic and has sadly left him with some very serious injuries. The way the mixed martial arts community has rallied around him though shows the deep bond between MMA competitors and those involved in the sport at all levels.

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