Most Successful Martial Arts for The UFC


Mixed martial arts (MMA) is an uncommon sport as it merges several disciplines in the competition. It allows players to utilize different martial arts to overcome their opponents and keep improving their skills. Throughout the history of the UFC, MMA fighters have used different disciplines to become champions and achieve unforgettable finishes.

UFC global fans gravitate toward specific disciplines based on different factors, including their favorite factors and extraordinary moments. This article examines the most successful martial arts for the UFC. If you wager on UFC fights on betwinner Thailand, keep reading to discover more. This knowledge will come in handy.

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Wrestling offers two main styles that are featured in Olympic sports, as well as cage fighting. For example, folk wrestling is a style that emphasizes shooting for takedowns on the opponent’s legs. Fighters who use folk wrestling implement a wide range of techniques to floor their opponents and keep them there. UFC welterweight legend Georges St-Pierre favored this wrestling style, which enabled him to have a dominant championship run.

The other popular wrestling style is Greco-Roman. This style is based on different trips and throws. This was Randy Couture’s secret weapon that enabled him to join the list of UFC fighters who’ve won titles in two divisions.

Muay Thai

UFC fighters can choose from a variety of standup martial arts. However, Muay Thai has emerged as the most popular standup martial art in the last 15 years. Muay Thai requires that fighters use both fists and feet as their weapons of destruction. Fighters can also use clinch fighting techniques and trips.

Anderson Silva, a former UFC middleweight legend, used Muay Thai to rise to the top of the sport and cement his place as one of the most successful fighters in Octagon history.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Royce Gracie and the UFC worked together to make the Gracie family’s version of Japanese jiu-jitsu. This fighting style is a wrestling art in which fighters look to get their opponents off their feet and to the floor.

It only differs from wrestling in the abundance of options fighters can use to end fights. For example, they can tear ligaments, break limbs, and make opponents go to sleep.

Which Martial Art Wins Most UFC Fights?

Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Bjj are all formidable fighting styles that different UFC legends have used as their main styles on their road to becoming great fighters. However, wrestling is the martial art that fighters use primarily thanks to its grit, grind, and controlling nature.

The ability of a fighter to dictate where a fight takes place offers them a significant advantage. In this sense, a wrestler can choose to bring the action to the floor, pound opponents, or tie them into a pretzel. But, a fighter needs to blend their wrestling prowess with other fighting skills to make them more formidable.

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