Nate Diaz Wants Jose Aldo To Stop Crying


Nate Diaz has competed in two weight classes during his time in the UFC -- welterweight and lightweight.

The featherweight division is currently ruled by Jose Aldo and interim champion Max Holloway, but Diaz just wants the Brazilian to know that he can stop crying about his loss to Conor McGregor.

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“Aldo’s crying about McGregor... I’m like 'bro it’s your fault, you took him on that fucking ride around the world, and let him punk you everywhere'," Diaz said on The MMA Hour. "You’re responsible (so) what the fuck are you crying for? I don’t even know if he’s crying anymore because he got over it, he probably realized that. I’m like 'bro you just made a star out of that guy', I wish I had somebody I could just run all around the country and slap around, You know what I’m saying, now I’m the most famous guy in the world and all I had to do was slap around this little fucker all around the whole place."

Diaz and Aldo have never crossed paths in the Octagon before, and the only common rival they both share is the aforementioned McGregor.

Even though he wants Aldo to stop with the tears, the Stockton native wouldn’t mind of Aldo and others spoke up on important issues in the UFC.

“Jose Aldo was bitching about it, all these guys who were champions when I was a broke motherfucker, they’re all complaining now that they lost their belts and they’re not champs and complaining that they can’t get what they want and that Conor’s getting all the love. I’m like, when you guys were champions, I knew that they were getting paid shit money… I was going off by myself and getting shit money… saying 'fuck the UFC' and all these things and nobody was cutting me… I was sitting there like, 'why is Aldo and Silva and all these guys not speaking up?' If I had the belt at that time, by now I’d be a fifty-time millionaire,” says Diaz.

While Diaz doesn’t have any fights lined up at the moment, the featherweight champion will face interim featherweight champion Max Holloway at UFC 212 this June.

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