NEF Owner Issues Statement On Signing Josh Grispi

Former UFC fighter Josh Grispi is back in action at New England Fights 42, facing WSOF veteran Bruce Boyington for the vacant featherweight title.

The signing of Grispi has been met with a lot of criticism, due to the fighter’s arrest and subsequent sentence in prison for domestic violence against his wife Kaitlyn. A police officer investigating the crime at that time would call it “the worst case of domestic abuse I’ve ever seen.”

NEF owner Nick DiSalvo issued a statement to MMA Junkie, saying that the fighter has served time for the crime and that Grispi deserves the opportunity to make money for his family:

“Domestic abuse is an epidemic in our country. There is no excuse for it. It is a horrific crime. Josh was convicted and did his time in prison. There is nothing that would make us believe he has not been rehabilitated and ready to become a productive member of society. If Massachusetts courts determined he was still a threat to anyone, he would not be walking the streets right now. There is never an excuse for subjecting a loved one to physical or emotional abuse. Josh was convicted and did his time in prison. He is out now and deserves the opportunity to make a living to support his children.”

New England Fights 42 takes place on Saturday, February 8 from the Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine with Josh Grispi and Bruce Boyington headlining.

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