Olivier Aubin-Mercier Wants A Fight With Andrew Holbrook

Oliveir Aubin-Mercier was the first Canadian fighter to earn a victory at UFC 206, as fellow countrymen and countrywomen were 0-4-0 before he defeated Drew Dober by submission with a rear naked choke.

Now that he has gotten another big win in his native Canada, Aubin-Mercier has a future opponent in mind in Andrew Holbrook.

“I don’t watch a lot of MMA, but the last fight I watched was Jake Matthews against Holbrook,” he said following UFC 206. “And Holbrook is the only nightmare in my mind since that was the only fight I’ve watched – that, and Conor McGregor, and I think I would be really stupid to call out Conor McGregor. … I just like his style. It’s a style I want to compete against.”

Holbrook call out aside, Aubin-Mercier had a tough battle against Dober at UFC 206, the Canadian fighter has compared Dober to the fictional Rocky Balboa.

“The guy is like Rocky Balboa,” Aubin-Mercier said. “He almost knocked me out in the second round, actually. I woke up on the ground and saw him coming at me and was like, ‘Whoa – I have to do something now.'”

Aubin-Mercier last competed at UFC 206 when he defeated the aforementioned Drew Dober. Holbrook hasn’t competed since defeating Jake Matthews at UFC Fight Night 101.

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