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Marcos Rogerio De Lima controls Adam Wieczorek via UD

  • Brian Kelleher vs. Montel Jackson was canceled due to a Kelleher illness so Felder, Anik and Rogan are left to kill time.
  • Wieczorek ducks underneath and immediately takes De Lima down. De Lima pulls off a really outstanding sweep and drags Wieczorek down.
  • I was a little surprised De Lima didn't stand up and was happy for top control. 
  • This is a pretty miserable fight through two rounds. Some clinch grappling that De Lima gets the best of. He takes mount briefly in round 3.  
  • De Lima has alternated wins and losses in all his 7 UFC fights and didn't do himself any favors getting off the Fight Pass cards. Meanwhile, Wieczorek was 2-0 before taking this fight on two weeks' notice and dropping a boring decision.
  • SRS' Rec: PASS!
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Burgos Werdum's Holobaugh, R1 Sub

  • These two were slugging it out early on. Very good, tight stuff.
  • Kurt Holobaugh catches Burgos and drops him, but falls right into an armbar for the submission!
  • Holobaugh now 0-2 in the UFC, and winless on DWTNCS, too. Burgos 4-1 in the UFC.
  • SRS' Rec: This is a must watch. Quick, fun, with good striking and a great submission. 

Lando Vannata vs. Matt Frevola ends in a fantastic draw

  • I guess no surprise that these two step in and throw down immediately.
  • Lando eats a big head kick, but drops Frevola with one too. Frevola's mouth guard comes out during this.
  • Vannata hasn't set up his leg kicks at all during this fight, and Frevola is countering accordingly.
  • This is a must-watch round. Frevola lands huge knees and elbows and briefly has a guillotine applied. 
  • Vannata's kicking game has changed, as he's relying on distance kicks early in round two. In the first 70 seconds, Vannata gets caught with two big punches to the head, and then a couple to the body. 
  • Man, Felder is rough on this call, eh? Very clearly biased towards Lando Vannata.
  • Somehow after all that, Frevola still has the wherewithal to put together some nice combos.
  • This is a video game fight on EA UFC 3 Stand and Bang mode. That's a fantastic thing.
  • A majority draw. BETTER RUN IT BACK!!!! 
  • SRS' Rec: Heck yeah, watch this fight. There aren't many bouts that you walk away from seeing that you can be satisfied ending in a draw, but that was one for me.

Lyman gives that GOOD GOOD to Ben Saunders (I mean uppercuts), R1

  • Good and Saunders just TESTED each other in the clinch until one of them fell over. WOW!
  • Knees from Saunders, Lyman with uppercuts. Saunders is dropped and eats hammerfists. That's a wrap.
  • Ben Saunders has now lost four of his last five. Good missed two years, and then a full year. At 33, now is the time for him to make his move in the division.
  • SRS' Rec: YES! This is a quick, bad ass clinch war.

Sergio Moraes decisions Julio Arce

  • An unwritten rule of broadcasting is to not ask what happened when you're calling action. Felder does that after Moraes drops Arce with a hook.
  • Moraes withstands the stacking and ground strikes and gets the back of Arce.
  • There is blood everywhere, and Arce gets dropped again towards the end of round 2. 
  • Moraes controls Arce up against the cage and hits a sick elbow.

SRS' Rec: A fine fight, but if you're short on time, you'll want to pass. 

#4 Sijara Eubanks outpoints #7 Roxanne Modafferi

  • Sijara Eubanks missed weight, so it's a really good thing she wasn't given a title fight after all. 
  • Eubanks takes Roxeanne down, but Roxanne is active off of her back.
  • I think Roxanne is much better off striking from her back than swinging around for an armbar she's never going to get on Eubanks. Roxanne was arguably winning off her back before that. 
  • Modafferi is really active on the feet, but is swinging with pillow hands. She's dropped with a big punch. 
  • Eubanks lets Roxanne up and Eubanks is TIRED after 8 minutes of her winning the fight. 
  • Imagine if Shevchenko was in this fight against a contender who didn't make weight and got tired after 7 minutes AFTER BEING IN CONTROL.
  • Eubanks comes out more aggressive in round two. Roxanne is giving it back to her and making it a messy fight. 
  • Roxanne telegraphed a takedown attempt and got body locked to the mat. Eubanks controls this until the conclusion.
  • Eubanks isn't sure what her future is, and deflects blame. "I know I didn't do my job like I was supposed to, but why don't YOU come do it, even though it's not your job."
  • SRS' Rec: Considering the question marks around Eubanks' future, there's no reason.

Jordan Rinaldi dominated Jason Knight on the ground

  • Mission control is a fantastic way to control your opponent.....and do nothing until you move out of mission control. Knight tries an omoplata once, but that's it.
  • Rinaldi applies a body triangle when Knight is on his side, hooks when he's on his back.
  • This continues the entire fight. At one point, Knight spikes Rinaldi.
  • SRS' Rec: No. Unless you like back control for an entire fight.

#9 Isreal Adesanya Stylebends #6 Derek Brunson

  • Brunson pushes Adesanya against the cage. Adesanya WISELY brings this to Herb Dean's attention, and makes it an issue. Brunson loses his position as a result.
  • Derek Brunson is wading in, leaping in for takedowns and strikes. He is just smushed down on every takedown attempt, and it's EARLY!
  • Adesanya picks Brunson apart. Straights at range, jumping knees, and finally the ref steps in. 
  • Isreal Adesanya and Paulo Costa are the only UFC Middleweights in the top 10 with at least 3 straight UFC wins, and they both have four 
  • SRS' Rec: This was Adesanya doing exactly what he's supposed to do. Watch this. He's a future title challenger. 

Karl Roberson picks apart Jack Marshman via UD

  • Roberson opens up. Long lefts, body kicks, low kicks inside the fence, nice elbows in the clinch. Marshman is looking to counter and does it in bunches, but can't find his range. 
  • Marshman is swinging wide, but swinging often. In the second, he gets taken down and dumped.
  • Marshman almost Von Flue choked himself. I'm glad he didn't, because I want to limit the post-show to an hour tonight.
  • Pretty clear that Roberson got hurt with a kick early in the fight. He confirms as much after the fight.
  • SRS' Rec: You can pass on this despite it being a good fight. Roberson is a Contender Series alum, so they'll keep setting them up for him to knock down.

Jared Cannonier upsets #7 David Branch, R2

  • Cannonier is a very live dog in this fight. 
  • Branch landed a power double with ease, but Cannonier gets up and heaves in elbows, gets taken down again. 
  • Cannonier is landing well with each separation, but gets taken down again.
  • Cannonier cracked Dave Branch, who tried to feign a takedown and follow up with a hook.
  • Cannonier is a huge babyface in New York.
  • SRS' Rec: Well worth a watch. Cannonier has been overlooked for a long time.

#5 Jacare Souza starches #3 Chris Weidman, R3

  • Jacare is slinking forward to start, but gets caught with a lot of jabs and front kicks. He's getting countered when he throws. 
  • Weidman finds success from in the clinch as Jacare is one dimensional with his overhand. Weidman shakes Jacare up with a combo and right.
  • Jacare finally lands an overhand after getting cracked. He's now switching up to the body. 
  • Weidman starts round 2 in control again with knees. 
  • When Jacare opens up, he overwhelms Weidman. Weidman barely throws when he's being pressed. 
  • Weidman is winning the clinch battles, but can't seem to win the straight up exchanges. When one guy opens up, the other covers up.
  • Jacare is dragged down, but rolls out and gets to his feet.
  • I have it tied going into the third, and they start by slugging it out. Weidman is still managing some good offense with the jab out of range, then the clinch in range. 
  • A knee to the body from Jacare sets up the beginning of the end for Weidman. A huge punch to the temple finishes Weidman, but the ref lets it continue. Jacare begs for it to stop.
  • These two will be fighting again.
  • That was almost WAY worse than it could have been. Bless Jacare for being slightly less vicious than he could have been.
  • Chris Weidman fell in love with striking after the Anderson Silva KO, and has never been the same.
  • SRS' Rec: This may have taken fight of the night from Frevola and Vannata, HAVE TO WATCH THIS. High level, exciting MMA.


UFC Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Cormier (c) taps #2 Derrick Lewis

  • Cormier looking like a heavyweight.
  • Cormier scores a single leg takedown easily and moves into half guard in under a minute.
  • Lewis tries to just stand up... and does. He just gets manhandled and pummeled on the ground. 
  • In round two, Cormier has to start all over again before getting inside. That's risky with Lewis.
  • Cormier grabs the head, then switches to the ankle pick. Cormier grabs the back and submits Lewis with a rear naked choke.
  • Cormier calls out Lesnar and wants him to bring his WWE Universal title with him,
  • SRS ' Rec: Any fight with Daniel Cormier is a must-watch fight. I have him up there with Jones, Mighty Mouse, GSP, Silva as the five greatest fighter of all time. 
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