Randy Couture Doesn't Have The Itch To Fight Again


Randy Couture was recently a guest on WWE Hall of Famer Booker T's Heated Conversations with Booker T. You can check out the full podcast at this link, and submitted highlights below.

Whether He Is Looking For One Last Fight:

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I feel like I got out at the right time. It has changed quite a bit; certainly with UFC, which seems like it has gotten more corporate. It is a different animal was than it was. I really don’t have an itch to go back. I am enjoying all the other stuff that I am able to do. Like you said, living life after fighting has been amazing. 


His Role in The Scorpion King Prequel:


It was a prequel; we went back to before The Rock became the King. It was attached to the whole Mummy property, and the whole Mummy property was huge with Universal Film Studios. The movie did really well. It was their number one selling DVD that summer; of course, this was back when Blockbuster and all that was still thriving before the digital platforms became what they became now. It was a great learning experience for me; got to spend six weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, which was amazing for me. I made some great friends down there; and met a bunch of new Actors and people. It was a great experience for me to be able to do that. 


Whether Hollywood Cared About His MMA Background:


I think they were interested; certainly because the sport exploded around 2005; so, they had put me in a film that already had a ‘ready-set eyeballs’ that wanted to see me in that, so they were interested in that financial perspective, because this guy has thousands and thousands of followers, so if we put him in this film, those people are going to want to buy this DVD, or rent this movie, or watch it in the theater. I think it became a little more real when we moved over to The Expendables, with someone like Sylvester Stallone, was authentic. Someone who can actually fight, so when they put me in fight scenes, people will actually believe that. There is no Hollywood involved there, but they know, they have seen this guy and know he can do these sort of things. It went on a different level when I got to work on The Expendables. 

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