Report: Alex Schoenauer Suing Production Company After Gun Stunt Allegedly Goes Wrong

UFC Ultimate Fighter 1 alumni Alex Schoenauer hasn’t competed in a professional MMA bout since being defeated by PRIDE veteran Paulo Filho at Bitetti Combat 4 in September of 2009.

The TUF alumni has since changed careers and has become a professional stuntman, but a stunt gun wrong nearly killed the former fighter, which is why he is suing JMP Productions.

According to a report from TMZ Sports, both Schoenauer and a stuntwoman were auditioning for Seal Team ths past September when the stuntwoman’s semi-automatic rifle went off and a live round hit Schoenauer in the left shoulder/upper arm area. The injuries allegedly suffered by Schoenauer from the stunt gone wrong include nerve damage and a limited range of motion.

Schoenauer isn’t just suing the production company, but has also sued the stuntwoman and the stunt coordinator. Schoenauer claims that the stunt coordinator insisted that the guns be loaded with live ammunition. No word has been given at this time as to how much money Schoenauer is seeking for the alleged damage done during the audition.

There has been no comment from JMP Productions, the stuntwoman or the stunt coordinator at this time on the suit filed against them.

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