Report: Conor McGregor Charged In Bar Attack, Court Date Set

Former two division UFC champion Conor McGregor was involved in an incident at a pub on April 6 of this year after the fighter allegedly struck a bar patron for not sampling McGregor’s brand of whiskey.

While McGregor has never been arrested for the incident, a report from The Independent states that McGregor has been given a summons to appear in court on October 11 and the fighter has also been charged with assault. If McGregor is found guilty on the assault charge, it could mean a maximum of six months in prison and a fine of €1,500 (approximately $1646 USD).

McGregor, during an interview with Ariel Helwani of ESPN, said the following about the incident (transcript via MMA Junkie):

“In reality, it doesn’t matter what happened there. I was in the wrong. That man deserved to enjoy his time in the pub without having it end the way it did. Although, five months ago it was, I tried to make amends. And I made amends back then. That doesn’t even matter, I was in the wrong. I have to realize, that’s not the attitude or behavior of a leader or martial artist (or) of a champion. I must get my head screwed on and just get back in the cage – fight for redemption, retribution, respect, the things that made me the man I am. And that’s what I will do.”

There has been no comment from McGregor, one of his representatives or the UFC on the fighter’s upcoming day in court.

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