Report: Sean O’Malley Given 6 Month Suspension For Failed Drug Test

Sean O’Malley announced last month that he was being pulled from UFC 229 after failing a drug test issued by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has issued a six month suspension to O’Malley for the failed drug test. Even though a suspension has been handed out by the NSAC for the violation, another suspension could be coming O’Malley’s way from USADA. O’Malley will also have to pay a fine of $472.42, which will cover fees associated with his case.

A representative of the Nevada Attorney General said that O’Malley got a six month suspension instead of a year because he was cooperating with the commission.

“Circumstances in which the respondent takes responsibility for the adverse analytical finding,” an Attorney General rep clarified to MMA Junkie “(grants) the commission the discretion to deviate from the standard and to reduce the suspension by 50 percent.”

O’Malley will get the opportunity to fight again on March 6 since the suspension is retroactive to the date of punishment (9/3/18), assuming that there are no suspensions issued by USADA. O’Malley will also have to pass drug tests that will get issued one month, fifteen days and three days prior to a fight again in the state of Nevada.

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