Report: Two Contender Series Winners Punished By NAC

Antonio Trocoli and Philip Rowe were both awarded contracts earlier this year after participating in season three of Dana White’s Contender Series.

However, both fighters have both committed some infractions and have been punished by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) according to MMA Fighting.

Trocoli has failed a fight night drug test and has subsequently been released by the UFC, while also being fined twice for court fees ($750 and $399), while the NAC has also issued the fighter a nine month suspension. The fighter must pass a trio of drug tests and pay all fines related to the drug test failure before he’ll be eligible to compete in the state of Nevada again. The fighter's victory over Kenneth Bergh has also been overturned to a no contest by the athletic commission.

Rowe, who hopped the Octagon wall after being victorious on the show, has been fined $250 and $218.04 for court fees. The fees will get paid through the fighter’s purse and Rowe can fight again once those fines are paid in full.

There has been no comment from either Trocoli or Rowe about the actions by the NAC or the series of fines levied against them.

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