Bellator 221: Chandler vs. Pitbull Live Coverage and Results!


Welcome to's live coverage & discussion for tonight's Bellator 221: Chandler vs. Pitbull.

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Josh Streacker defeated Scott Writz via 2nd Round TKO (3:33)

Jesse Bazzi defeated Joey Diehl via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Dave Latoria vs. Jason Belyew ruled a No-Contest (low blow - round-one)

 Cris Lencioni defeated Adil Benjilany via 1st Round Submission (Triangle - 4:55)

Chris Gonzalez defeated Charlie Radtke via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Robert Morrow defeated James Bochnovic via 1st Round TKO (1:18)

Christian Rodriguez defeated Jose Leon via 1st Round Submission (Armbar - 4:39)

Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu defeated Adam Ward via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Robert Fenicle defeated Bryan Bautista via 1st Round Submission (Heel Hook - 1:42)

Main Card

Tywan Claxton defeated James Bennett via 3rd Round TKO (2:09)

Jake Hager defeated T.J Jones via 1st Round Submission (Arm Triangle - 2:36)

A.J. McKee defeated Pat Curran via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Welterweight Grand Prix Semi-Final

Douglas Lima defeated Michael Page via 2nd Round KO (0:35)

Lightweight Title

Patricio Freire defeated Michael Chandler via 1st Round TKO (1:01) to become the NEW Bellator Lightweight Champion


Live Coverage

Tywan Claxton vs. James Bennett

Round 1

After clinching the more aggressive Bennett early, Claxton swiftly scored a takedown. A scramble commenced from there, with Claxton remaining in control before going to work with some heavy ground and pound. Bennett fought to his feet but was soon returned to his back regardless, with Claxton furthering his onslaught past the 3rd minute. Claxton's offense didn't slow in Bennett's guard either, reigning down with more strikes and dominating proceedings as a result. The damage is beginning to show on Bennett's face but he makes it through the round nonetheless. Even still, great start for Claxton.

Round 2

Claxton explodes on the feet early, landing a spectacular jumping knee and throwing his foe to the mat. Hammerfists followed but Bennett weathered the storm slightly, recovering his guard and successfully slowing the pace. He still couldn't consistently control Claxton's posture though, continuing to eat ground and pound while being pinned against the fence. Claxton then even took a moment to speak to 50 Cent but Bennett followed suit, doing the same in response. Either way, Claxton remained firmly in control, winning every moment of the 2nd round. 

Round 3

Similar to in the opening round, Bennett pushed forward here early but was quickly taken down for his troubles. Claxton then moved to the mount but Bennett recovered a somewhat flimsy guard. Even still, Claxton's onslaught continued and eventually, the referee mercifully stopped proceedings. 

Winner: Tywan Claxton via 3rd Round TKO (2:09)

Jake Hager vs. T.J Jones

Round 1

Hager swiftly grabbed the clinch, getting Jones to the mat and immediately unleashing some ground and pound. Jones was pinned against the fence here and Hager went right to work, unsuccessfully attacking his foe's arm before settling in side control. Hager then began to think Americana but Jones powered free only to have his back taken. In transition, Hager then snatched the Arm Triangle and this one was over. 

Winner: Jake Hager via 1st Round Submission (Arm Triangle - 2:36)

A.J. McKee vs. Pat Curran

Round 1

Feeling out process here early, with McKee using some kicks at range as Curran looks to work his way inside. McKee then exploded though, landing a sharp takedown to take control. With his foe pinned against the fence, McKee briefly went to work but Curran fought upright, resetting things as a result. After a mostly muted period on the feet, McKee then flurried once more, unleashing a quick combination before settling back at range. While nothing devastating, McKee certainly got the better of the opener here.

Round 2

More kicking at range here early, with neither man doing much damage even if McKee was seemingly in control. Very quiet round through three minutes but McKee is the only man producing offense, keeping Curran at range and sporadically scoring along the way. Curran then timed a takedown attempt though, impressively scoring it and landing in the guard. McKee immediately unleashed some elbows from his back, keeping his output high as Curran struggled to take advantage of his position. Curran eventually returned to his feet, standing over McKee and eating some up-kicks for his troubles. Even with the takedown, Curran failed to level this fight up in my view.  

Round 3

This round opened just like the others, with McKee using a range of kicks for inconsistent success. He continued to use fleeting flurries with his hands too, mostly hitting Curran's arms but outworking his foe nonetheless. Curran did manage to sprawl McKee's takedown attempt, landing a sharp knee in return but failing to follow-up. Instead, McKee continued to control the range in somewhat frustrating fashion, rendering Curran unable to build any momentum. With 30 seconds left, McKee scored a takedown to secure what's likely to be a 30-27 win.

Winner: AJ McKee via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Welterweight Grand Prix Semi-Final

Douglas Lima vs. Michael Page

Round 1 

Page immediately took center of the cage here, backing Lima up and feinting with regularity. The former champion then began to edge forward, throwing some low-kicks as Page continued to attempt sporadic flurries. In the end though, he fell into Lima's trap, allowing an impressive takedown and securing his guard in response. He controlled Lima's wrists too, preventing any real ground and pound even if Lima's position put him on top regardless. Not a ton of action here in round one but it's Lima's nonetheless.

Round 2 

Page came out aggressive early in Round 2, unleashing some flashy kicks and seemingly rocking Lima with a right hand. As Page looked to seize though, Lima swept his leg and then with one right hand, knocked his foe out cold. Dramatic, sudden finish here for the former champion.

Winner and ADVANCING to the Final: Douglas Lima via 2nd Round KO (0:35)

Lightweight Title

Michael Chandler (C) vs. Patricio Freire

Round 1

Pitbull took center cage at the bell but was then backed up as a brief feeling out process commenced. The challenger then pushed forward with a right hand, soon settling back at range as both men looked for an opening. Chandler then reached with a jab but Freire countered, landing a hard right hand and dropping his foe in an instant. He followed up right away but just as Chandler looked ready to rise to his feet, the referee stopped proceedings. Controversial finish but when the referee initially made his decision, Chandler didn't seem to be defending himself. 

Winner and NEW Champion: Patricio Freire via 1st Round TKO (1:01)

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