Danny "Swift" Garcia vs. Keith "One Time" Thurman World Welterweight Unification Live Viewing Party

Welcome to Fightful.com's live viewing party of Danny "Swift" Garcia and Keith "One Time" Thurman to unify Thurman's WBA and Garcia's WBC Welterweight titles. Carlos will be attending the fights live, so its my honor to be here with live updates and quick recaps of the non-title televised fights and full, round-by-round coverage of the title fight, which will be broadcasted on CBS, along with the Super Welterweight clash between rising stud Erickson Lubin and veteran Jorge Cota.

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Here's the televised main card (CBS, 9 p.m. ET):

Keith Thurman (27-0, 22 KO) vs. Danny Garcia (33-0, 19 KO) - 12 rounds to unify the WBA and WBC Welterweight titles

-- Result: Keith Thurman def. Danny Garcia via SD12 (116-112, 115-113 Thurman, 115-113 Garcia)

Erickson Lubin (17-0, 12 KO) vs. Jorge Cota (25-1, 22 KO) - 12 rounds, Super Welterweight

-- Result: Erickson Lubin def. Jorge Cota via TKO, Round 4 (1:25)

Other fights on the card include:

Heather Hardy (18-0, 4 KO) vs. Edina Kiss (13-2, 8 KO) - 12 rounds for Hardy's WBC Female Featherweight Title

RESULTS: Heather Hardy def. Edina Kiss via UD (80-72x2, 79-73)

Andrzej Fonfara (28-4, 16 KO) vs. Chad Dawson (34-4, 19 KO) - 10 rounds, Light Heavyweight

RESULTS: Andrzej Fonfara def. Chad Dawson via TKO, Round 10 (0:38)

Mario Barrios (17-0, 9 KO) vs. Yardley Suarez (20-6, 11 KO) - 8 rounds, Super Lightweight

Sergey Lipinets (11-0, 9 KO) vs. Clarence Booth (14-2, 7 KO) - 8 rounds, Welterweight

RESULTS: Sergey Lipinets def. Clarence Booth via TKO, Round 7 (1:33)

Richardson Hitchins (Debut) vs. Mario Perez (1-0, 0 KO) - 4 Rounds, Welterweight

RESULTS: Richardson Hitchins def. Mario Perez via KO , Round 1 (1:33)


*****Danny Garcia vs. Keith Thurman*****

Round 1:

WBA Champion Keith Thurman makes his way to the ring first to Frank Sinatra's "My Way". Garcia comes out with his yellow and black leopard spotted robe and trunks and a mask, getting a seemingly mixed reaction from the crowd. MSG is rocking as Jimmy Lennon Jr. comes out to announce the opening to the bout. Thurman wearing red, white, and blue trunks. Referee Michael Griffin gives his final instructions and we are off! 16,553 on hand when the men step out of the corner, every one on their feet. Thurman comes out with 2 hard lefts that just miss. He is coming straight for Garcia. Things slow down a bit but Thurman is throwing hard lefts and Garcia catches him with a counter. Garcia with another left to keep Thurman at bay. Danny missing jabs and Thurman lands a light left but then a swinging right. Both guys throwing monster shots. Left landed by Thurman to make Garcia miss. Garcia hits two body shots to halt Thurman. Hard right followed by two lefts that have Garcia running back. He looks stunned but throws back at a missing Thurman right. Thurman gets a right to the body. Hard left jab by Thurman. Hard left hook again. Thurman hits a solid uppercut. Thurman swinging for the fences these last 10 seconds. WOW what a start to this fight!

-- Round 1, Thurman (10-9 Thurman)

Round 2:

Round 2 starts much slower but Thurman still following Garcia around the ring. Garcia throwing hard rights but missing. Another left hook misses for Garcia. Thurman picking his spots more and lands a hard right. Garcia lands a jab and Thurman comes back but misses and eats a left. Garcia to the body but Thurman hits up top. Thurman catches a body shot and darts right out. Hard right hand for Garcia. Garcia hits a body shot somewhat low again. Thurman misses and catches a right but comes right back with one of his own. Both guys land a couple jabs. Garcia just misses a huge right. Thurman catches Garcia with a couple shots after a clinch followed by a hard left. Thurman unloading a couple shots right before the bell. Round to Thurman but a much closer round.

-- Round 2, Thurman (20-18 Thurman)

Round 3:

Hard right lands for Thurman that has Garcia doubled over and he was shaken. He couldn't get any more shots in but he had him hurt. Garcia back but eats another right. Straight right to the body for Garcia. Thurman hits another right. Using his jab to get a range now. Hard right to the body for Thurman but Garcia comes back with a right. Thurman has a left blocked. Garcia misses a few jabs. Action slows a bit with a minute left. Garcia misses another jab but hits a right. Another left a little low from Garcia. Hard right for One Time. Garcia lands a huge right but Thurman comes right back. Another close round but Thurman is the aggressor and landing the more thudding shots.

-- Round 3, Thurman (30-27, Thurman)

Round 4:

The fourth frame opens with a little more feeling out. Both men missing jabs. Thurman lands two to the body followed by a left from Garcia. Garcia with a couple to the body. Hard right uppercut halts Thurman for a second. Big loping right just misses for Garcia. Thurman slowing this round and eats a jab. Body shots from both men. Hard right for Garcia. Thurman counters a left from Garcia. Garcia just misses a couple shots and Thurman lands one down low. Hard left hook by Keith. Combo by Thurman to end the 4th.

-- Round 4, Thurman (40-36, Thurman)

Round 5:

Garcia low again. Thurman leading with the jab to open things up. Danny gets a hard right in then they clinch. Good body shot by Thurman. A couple good jabs by Garcia. Left hook misses for Thurman. Garcia misses a combo from Garcia. Thurman misses a couple more. Big right misses for Danny. Hard right for Thurman into a clinch. Hard right followed by a left for Thurman. Left sneaks in for Thurman. Another couple jabs and just misses an uppercut. Garcia hits a couple hooks to the body and gets Thurman cornered but he spins out. Thurman with a left hook. Hard left for both men. Garcia gets a flurry at he end and both men throwing hard the end round 5. Thurman still the more active, effective puncher it seems.

-- Round 5, Thurman (50-45, Thurman)

Round 6:

Thurman opens up with jabs. Garcia has swelling around his left eye now. Hard left hook from Thurman. A combo blocked by Thurman. The crowd is wanting a little more action from the men now. Hard right to the body for Keith. Hard right misses for Garcia and Thurman catches him with a left. Another right for Thurman. Garcia throwing glancing shots but not landing much of note. Hard right lands for Garcia. Garcia lands another right up top but Thurman comes back without landing anything. Left to the body by Thurman. Right up top for Garcia. Hard left sneaks in for Garcia. Thurman looking to chase down Garcia and lands a hard right directly before the bell.

-- Round 6, Garcia (59-55, Thurman)

Round 7:

Garcia lands a right to the body. Thurman with a body shot and darts back out. Garcia eluding the shots well this round. Thurman landing a couple soft jabs. Garcia standing with Thurman circling him. Garcia lands a good combo. Thurman gets Garcia against the ropes but nothing solid lands for Thurman. Thurman hits a hard left. Hook downstairs for Garcia. Hard right for Garcia and Thurman comes back and Garcia lands another shot below the belt. Thurman catches a combo. Garcia hits again low and the ref steps in to warn Garcia. Right lands for Thurman and Garcia answers. Left hook for Thurman but Garcia answers again. Thurman lands a couple more to end the round.

-- Round 7, Thurman (69-64, Thurman)

Round 8:

Garcia leads with a jab followed by another. Garcia lands another to the body. Thurman hits a combo up top thats answered immediately. Thurman with a left to the body. Hard right to the body for Danny. Thurman misses 4 straight and Garcia comes back with a few soft shots .Hard left for Garcia. Thurman missing with everything and finally lands a left. Another straight left from Thurman. Left hook for Thurman. Garcia blocking and waiting for an opening with Keith not landing a ton. Straight right hits Thurman hard. Hard right to the body from Thurman. Thurman lands a right uppercut and Garcia misses to end the round.

-- Round 8, Thurman (79-73, Thurman)

Round 9:

Thurman's corner instructs him to keep boxing and Garcia opens up to the body as told by his corner. ANother low left from Garcia. Hard left sneaks in for Thurman. Thurman lands a couple down the pipe. Straight right by Garcia. The crowd getting restless but both boxers staying calm. Uppercut by Thurman and makes Garcia miss a few. Garcia throwing a lot more this round but not connecting on much. Hard left followed by a right for Garcia. Hard left hook for Thurman but can't follow up. Hard left to the body for Thurman and another left hook for Thurman. A few more sneak through for Garcia but Thurman is meeting every one. A couple more wild shots from both men. Garcia lands a huge right and both men are throwing at the end of the bell. Garcia throws a right after the bell.

-- Round 9, Thurman (89-82, Thurman)

Round 10:

Thurman throws a couple to open the 10th. Jab for Garcia. Hard right for Garcia. Thurman jabs but Garcia hits a jab as well. Combo to the body for Thurman into a clinch. A chant for "Danny" comes across the crowd. Garcia throws a couple shots but misses everything. Left hook glances off Thurman. Hard right for Thurman met by a Garcia left. Jab for Garcia. Right for Garcia lands flush. Big left looping hook misses for Danny. 2 jabs sneak through for Garcia. Thurman to the body. Jab to the body for Garcia. Hard right just glances off Thurman. Hard right from both. Thurman lands with another left hook into a right uppercut. Hard right followed by a left for Thurman. Garcia lands a right as soon as the bell rings.

-- Round 10, Garcia (98-92, Thurman)

Round 11:

Thurman comes into the Championship rounds with a few jabs up top followed by a good exchange. A few more jabs from Thurman. Garcia misses a left hook to the body. Left for Garcia. Danny sneaks a jab through. Left for Thurman. Hard left to the body by One Time. Garcia to the body. Both men landing low. Garcia up top followed by Thurman with a left hook. Hard shot form Thurman. Both men land jabs. Thurman dancing around and jabbing around Garcia. Garcia low with a right. Big exchange with Garcia landing a couple big shots. Another right for Garcia. Close round

-- Round 11, Garcia (107-102, Thurman)

Round 12:

The men touch gloves for the last round and Thurman lands an immediate brutal right. A couple jabs from each man. Jab for Garcia. THurman dancing around and moving laterally. Garcia feinting a few shots. Thurman misses a combo. Right to he body for Garcia. Left hook for Thurman. Garcia lands to the body. Hard left hook again for Thurman. Garcia misses two shots. Right lands for Garcia and Thurman comes back with 2 uppercuts. Garcia has Thurman in the ropes banging the body. Thurman misses a left hook and Garcia misses wide. Big right misses for Garcia followed by a right for Thurman. Jab for Thurman and another. 10 seconds left and both men Throwing hard rights and battle in the corner to end the fight. Another good, tough round to score but Thurman had the more telling shots, like he did most of the night.

-- Round 12, Thurman (117-111, Thurman)

Judges score the bout: Jon Mckay 116-112 Thurman, Kevin Morgan 115-113 Garcia, Joe Pascal 115-113 for the winner and new unified WBA and WBC Champion Keith Thurman!

*****Erickson Lubin vs. Jorge Cota*****
Round 1:

Cota comes in wearing white, Lubin wearing grey. Lubin looks chiseled as usual. Referee Earl Brown gives the opening and here we go! Both mean feeling things out early with soft jabs. Strong left just misses for the southpaw Lubin. A couple good body shots in the clinch for Cota. Hard left coming straight in for Lubin again. Cota switches to southpaw and still throwing faint jabs. Both guys get a couple shots before a clinch. Lubin looking to load up that big left. Good 2 punch combo for Lubin. Lubin circles the ring as Cota stand stationary and throws faint jabs. Good body shot by Cota and Lubin returns a shot

Round 1, Lubin (10-9 Lubin)

Round 2:

Two jabs to the body for Lubin. Both men coming out in southpaw. Good left by Cota. Cota with a few more to the body. Lubin misses a looping left. Lubin bangs a few against the ropes. Good right hook catches for Lubin but catches a counter. Another jab sneaks through for Cota. Cota getting body shots in the clinch. Good straight left for Lubin. Straight lands for both men. Big looping right misses by Cota. Not much action but Cota seemed to have the harder landed shots this round.

Round 2, Cota (19-19)

Round 3:

Lubin just missing again with a left. COta ties up. Cota jabbing to the body. Good right hook by Lubin. Cota with a few more to the body. Good 2 punch combo by Lubin but Cota fires right back. Lubin has him against the ropes but Cota is just swiging right back. Hard left stuns Cota and he is not looking good. He swings his arms down and swings back. Lubin lands two more straight rights. Cota eats a hard looping left. Lubin really opening up now and showing his superior skill. Cota eats another 1-2 and sends him back into the corner. Cota spins out and both men send soft jabs. Another couple lefts to the body from Cota but Lubin ends the round with a right. Big round for Lubin to change the momentum.

Round 3, Lubin (29-28 Lubin)

Round 4:

Lubin stalking Cota to start the 4th. Cota switches back to his orthodox stance. Cota showing more movement this round and still throwing those soft jabs to keep Erickson at bay. Lubin lands a left followed by a right but Cota clinches. AND OH MY GOODNESS Lubin levels Cota with a left and Cota is DOWN. WOW! What a shot by Lubin. Out of nowhere he lands a beautiful left hand to Cota's chin. Cota being the warrior he is got to his feet, but the referee rightfully stopped the fight with the judges cards showing Lubin winning 30-27x2 and 29-28 already. Lubin sent him down hard, improves to 18-0, and bring on Charlo!

Winner: Lubin, TKO Round 4 (1:25)

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