Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Results: Wild Main Event Ends In Late Stoppage

Welcome to Fightful's live coverage of the historic Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor card! We'll be bringing you live results of the entire card, which includes quick recaps of the undercard and full, round-by-round coverage of the pay-per-view card.

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Here's the main pay-per-view card: (Showtime PPV, UFC.TV)

  • Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor via TKO, round 10, 1:05
  • Gervonta Davis defeated Francisco Fonseca via KO, 0:39
  • Badou Jack defeated Nathan Cleverly via TKO, round 5, 2:47, to win the WBA "Regular" Light Heavyweight Title
  • Andrew Tabiti defeated Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93, 100-90) to retain the NABF Cruiserweight Title

Here's the televised undercard: (FOX, 7 p.m. ET)

  • Yordenis Ugas defeated Thomas Dulorme via unanimous decision (94-91, 93-92, 93-92)
  • Juan Heraldez defeated Jose Miguel Borrego via unanimous decision (96-93, 97-92, 97-92)

Here's the untelevised undercard:

  • Savannah Marshall defeated Sydney LeBlanc via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)
  • Antonio Hernandez defeated Kevin Newman by unanimous decision (57-56, 59-54, 59-54)



Juan Heraldez vs. Jose Miguel Borrego: Junior Welterweight Bout: Heraldez used the jab to perfection from the start of the fight and Borrego, who is only 19 years old, has been pretty much chasing the much older Heraldez all fight long. Borrego has shown life at times during the fight and even rocked Heraldez towards the end of the sixth round. Late in the fight, Heraldez used his footwork to get out of danger and sneaked in a few of his own offense to Borrego. Borrego managed to get a knockdown in the ninth round, which made the fight a lot closer in the cards than before the ninth round. Borrego has a lot of upside, but he still has a lot of time on his side to mature and grow as a fighter. This fight was a good learning experience for the teenage fighter.

Official result: Juan Heraldez defeated Jose Miguel Borrego via unanimous decision (96-93, 97-92, 97-92)

Yordenis Ugas vs. Thomas Dulorme: Welterweight Bout: This was a really good back and forth bout, with each boxer getting a chance to throw hard counter shots. Ugas looked sensational in this fight. He knocked down Dulorme twice late in the second round, the second one coming from a wicked right counter uppercut to Dulorme's chin. The Cuban boxer took full advantage of coming in here at the last minute after Shawn Porter had to withdraw from the fight. This fight was a slugfest at times and Ugas was quick to dodge some of Dulorme's best punches.

Dulorme spent some time attacking the body and landed a few low blows. Referee Vic Drakulich took a point away from Dulorme in the seventh round as a result of the low blows. Ugas took a hard shot to the chin late in the round and then got knocked down as the round ended. Another point was taken from Dulorme for more low blows in the final round. As far as prelim boxing cards are concerned, these two fights on FOX were pretty decent.

Official result: Yordenis Ugas defeated Thomas Dulorme via unanimous decision (94-91, 93-92, 93-92)


Andrew Tabiti (c) vs. Steve Cunningham: NABF Cruiserweight Title Bout

Round 1: Tabiti throws a couple of jabs to start the fight. Tabiti throws two more, one to the body and one straight at Cunningham's chin. Tabiti throws three more jabs as he's pacing himself across the ring. Cunningham misses with the left hook. Cunningham traps Tabiti into the corner after Cunningham threw an overhead right hand. Both men clinch late in the round. The round ends with no fight activity.

Fightful scored round 1 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 2: Tabiti lands several jabs to start the round. Tabiti lands another right jab and then Cunningham lands a left body shot. Cunningham urges for a left hand, but Tabiti moves out of the way. Nearly five minutes into the fight, both fighters are cautious and haven't thrown a lot of punches. Cunningham misses with a left hand. Tabiti throws three straight left jabs. Cunningham has Tabiti in the corner again and throws a couple of right hands, but they don't do much damage.

Fightful scored round 2 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 3: Both fighters exchange jabs to start the round. Tabiti keeps moving into the corner where Cunningham attacks for a moment and then both men clinch. Tabiti throws couple left hands, then throws a nice four-punch combo which Cunningham blocks most of. Cunningham misses with the right hand. Cunningham chases Tabiti and lands a right body uppercut. Tabiti lands a left hand then Cunningham connects a couple of punches. 

Fightful scored round 3 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 4: Tabiti lands a hard shot square on Cunningham's jaw. Tabiti lands another hard jab. Tabiti is moving across the ring all over the round and then tags Cunningham with a few jabs. Cunningham misses with the left hand and both men clinch as the round ends.

Fightful scored round 4 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 5: Tabiti keeps his distance to avoid getting hit seriously by Cunningham. Cunningham keeps trying to get into a rhythm, but he can't seem to land anything big because Tabiti keeps moving around. Cunningham didn't land a single hard punch all round long.

Fightful scored round 5 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 6: Tabiti stands his ground now and both men start the round attacking in the center o the ring Cunningham eats a hard left jab and then Cunningham misses with a left hand of his own. Cunningham throws three jabs but misses two of those jabs. Tabiti throws several punches to the body, capped off by a left jab to Cunningham's jaw. 

Fightful scored round 6 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 7: Tabiti is now looking for more clinches and the referee is upset. He advises Tabiti to stop it or else a point will be deducted from him. Cunningham lands a couple of jabs and both men trade shots. Cunningham has Tabiti on the ropes and throws about a dozen light, short punches to Tabiti's body.

Fightful scored round 7 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 8: Cunningham tries to attack from the starts, but Tabiti keeps moving away from danger. Tabiti throws a left jab upstairs. The two men clinch for a long time. Cunningham lands a lot of short punches and they remain in the clinch. Tabiti also throws a short left hand to Cunningham's body. Tabiti throws a hard right hand to Cunningham's head. 

Fightful scored round 8 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 9: The round starts with 15 seconds of no action, but then Tabiti lands a jab. Tabiti lands two hard shots to Cunningham's body. Tabiti throws two punches, one to the body and one upstairs, and they are both blocked. Tabiti just keeps throwing jabs as the round progresses. Both men clinch once more. Tabiti gets hit with a couple of jabs, but then lands a few punches of his own. Cunningham lands a couple of short punches to Tabiti's body.

Fightful scored round 9 for Tabiti 10-9

Round 10: Tabiti starts off with a jab and then runs away.  He moves around then throws another jab. This keeps going for almost a minute until Cunningham clinches with Tabiti.  Tabiti misses with the right hand and then is put into the corner where Cunningham lands a few shots. Tabiti keeps moving around and Cunningham is frustrated with this tactic. Most of the round ends with clinching.

Fightful scored round 10 for Cunningham 10-9, making it 99-91 for Tabiti

Official result: Andrew Tabiti defeated Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93, 100-90) to retain the NABF Cruiserweight Title

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