Total Bellas Recap 6/17 Make Up or Break Up?


This week on Total Bellas, Nikki watches Birdie by herself and then has a dinner date with John to find out exactly where their relationship stands.

Nikki gets a message on her phone from her publicist saying that the press release will be coming out soon revealing that Nikki and John have called off their engagement. Nikki must do a signing for Birdiebee without Brie since Birdie had been sick. Nikki gets worried that the news will be released while doing the signing and will have answer questions regarding her relationship. Luckily the news doesn’t break, and Nikki is relieved to have gotten through the day.

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Nikki is still staying at her and John’s home. Brie comes over and shows Nikki the clip from The Today Show which featured John Cena talking about their relationship. Nikki is confused because it seems like on his interview they are trying to work through things. Brie tells Nikki that she needs to talk to him to figure things out.

Brie and Bryan have sold their house in Phoenix now that they have moved to San Diego. Brie leaves Birdie with Nikki while they go finish packing up their house in Phoenix. Brie has a long list of do’s and don’ts for Nikki while she is gone. Nikki is ready to take on the challenge even though it will be tricky both watching Birdie and doing business on her own. Nikki is ready to see what it would be like to be a mom for the day without her sister there to fall back on.

Nikki is proud of herself for taking care of Birdie, she says that is was exhausting but she feels like it is do-able for her to do alone for her own child if need be. Nikki wants to be a mom even if it means she will not have a partner. However, day 2 seems to be a bit rougher on Nikki. Brie calls and checks in and Nikki says everything has been going well. Nikki hires a nanny (a cousin of Nikki’s friend) so that she can go get a workout in. Nikki wants to prove to Brie that she can still do the stuff she loves when you are a mom. Nikki feels like she could be “the career mom”. Brie calls to check in and Nikki tells her about the nanny. Brie doesn’t know how she feels about it at first, but after talking with Bryan, they feel like a nanny might be a good idea.

Brie and Bryan say an emotional goodbye to their Phoenix home and head back to their new home in San Diego.

Nikki gets invited to dinner with John. She wants to know where the relationship stands. She wears something that is eye catching. John tells her that she looks beautiful. Nikki says that since they had gotten engaged she had been feeling a bunch of different things. John wants to know why she gave him hope and agreed to marry him if she knew all along she wanted to be a mom. She wanted to make him happy even if that meant her not having kids in the long run.  He says he wants to know genuinely how she feels. She is tired of just hanging on and if it is it between them, she just wants him to end it for good. He wants to know if it is bad things in the relationship or if she just wants to be a mom. She thinks that a baby can help keep a marriage going, and that so many years down the road the kids will keep things exciting. He doesn’t want her to look down the road and have the problem be something other than her being a mom. Nikki insists that the only problem has been her wanting to be a mom and him not being willing to give her that.

John tells her that if that is the only problem she has in their relationship, that he still wants to marry Nikki and that marriage is about sacrifice as well and he is willing to make that sacrifice and have children if it means he gets to also have Nikki in his life. He says that he knows he can not physically have children right now but is willing to have surgery to make that a possibility. Nikki is overjoyed, and it seems like for the time being, John and Nikki are back together, and the wedding is back on.

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