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Fight Card

Early Prelims (UFC Fight Pass - 6 pm ET)

Katlyn Chookagian defeated Joanne Calderwood via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Eddie Wineland defeated Grigory Popov via 2nd Round TKO (4:47)

Darren Stewart defeated Bevon Lewis via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Yan Xiaonan defeated Angela Hill via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Prelims (ESPN - 8 pm ET)

Calvin Kattar defeated Ricardo Lamas via 1st Round TKO (4:06)

Alexa Grasso defeated Karolina Kowalkiewicz via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Aljamain Sterling defeated Pedro Munhoz via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Tatiana Suarez defeated Nina Ansaroff via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Main Card (ESPN+ PPV - 10 pm ET)

Blagoy Ivanov defeated Tai Tuivasa via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Petr Yan defeated Jimmie Rivera via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Tony Ferguson defeated Donald Cerrone via 2nd Round TKO (Doctor Stoppage - 5:00)

UFC Women's Flyweight Championship

Valentina Shevchenko defeated Jessica Eye via 2nd Round KO (Head Kick - 0:26) to retain her Flyweight Title

UFC Bantamweight Championship

Henry Cejudo defeated Marlon Moraes via 3rd Round TKO (4:51)

Live Coverage

Early Prelims

Katlyn Chookagian (11-2) vs. Joanne Calderwood (13-3)

Round One

Calderwood is kicking right away, with Chookagian returning the favor as both women look to find their range early. Chookagian then begun to land a few punches as well though, edging forward and timing some counters along the way. Calderwood's low kicks were persistent though, with consistent attacks already paying dividends. Chookagian's offense was certainly more varied, finding a few routes to success but eating low kicks regardless. The damage of those were visible too, having success but showing the effects anyway. Chookagian's punches did find a home at times also though.

Round Two

After things continued in similar fashion here early, Calderwood tackled her foe to the mat, settling for the clinch as Chookagian battled upright. They soon separated nonetheless, with Chookagian upping the output and experiencing success as a result. Her punches were making an impact in particular, still eating kicks but shifting the fight's momentum. Though still stalking, Calderwood's striking had somewhat stalled, going after a takedown instead and in the end, scoring one as well. Calderwood spent the next minute inside her foe's guard, not achieving much but maintaining control regardless.

Round Three

The kicking continued in the final round, with both landing solid strikes while struggling to gain an upper hand. Chookagian's certainly the more active fighter though, mixing her offense up until Calderwood caught another kick and scored one more takedown.She let her up though, eating a right hand for her troubles. Seemingly slowed, Calderwood began to showboat in the fight's final minute, taunting Chookagian after her movement had caused some frustration.

Winner: Katlyn Chookagian via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Eddie Wineland (23-13-1) vs. Grigory Popov (13-1)

Round One

Wineland charged across the octagon here, immediately pushing forward and launching some right hands. He found a home for some of them too, jumping on his foe and causing a big cut as well. Popov was working away with his kicks though, landing a nice knee to the chin also and gaining some respect at range. While less aggressive now, Wineland's punches were still landing at times, seemingly rocking Popov but failing to take advantage. He then hurt him again, chasing the finish but failing to do so as the first round came to a close.

Round Two

Roles reversed at the start of the 2nd round though, with Wineland getting rocked as his legs began to betray him. Now it was Popov pushing forward, stuffing a takedown and landing kicks as well. Wineland steadily regrouped though, once again flurrying with his hands and landing a solid combination. Both men were now landing punches but Wineland continued to get the better of things while in the meantime, Popov's kicks found a home. Wineland then changed levels, scoring a takedown only for Popov to stand right back up.

Back at range, Wineland soon exploded though, dropping Popov with an onslaught of right hands. After considering a choke, Wineland then let his foe back up, continuing his attack and eventually, flooring Popov once more and forcing the finish.

Winner: Eddie Wineland via 2nd Round TKO (4:47)

Darren Stewart (9-4) vs. Bevon Lewis (6-1)

Round One

Stewart landed two heavy low kicks right away, flooring Lewis and settling in the clinch as he looked to seize. That battle allowed Lewis to take control though, turning his foe to the cage as both men wrestled for position. Some knees then came in too, with both men landing until they briefly separated. Stewart landed a solid right hand at range but Lewis then regained the clinch, eating a few hooks for his troubles. Lewis stayed close though, clinching again before returning to distance.

The low kicks again became prevalent as a result, forcing Lewis to switch stance as he continued to walk forward. However, Stewart was seemingly stunned by a heavy right hand on the buzzer.

Round Two

Things then continued as they were, with Stewart focusing on his low kicks and throwing a spinning back first as well. Lewis was equal to it though, looking for counters as he edged away. Stewart blocked his takedown attempt regardless, dictating things but then walking into a right hand and a knee behind it. Stewart’s legs were still beneath him though and so the pace stayed as it was. More punching exchanges commenced in the round’s later stages regardless, with Stewart’s power forcing Lewis to approach proceedings cautiously. As a result, the action slowed dramatically here at the round’s close.

Round Three

More aggression here in the round’s opening minutes but a right hand from Stewart swiftly returned Lewis to the back foot. He then came forward again regardless, grabbing the clinch and pushing his foe back. Stewart broke away once more though, landing low-kicks again until Lewis looked for another takedown. Lewis defended beautifully again, reversing position as the battle waged on inside the clinch. For the final 90 seconds, Lewis had his foe pinned against the fence but failed to do much with it.

Winner: Darren Stewart via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Angela Hill (9-6) vs. Yan Xiaonan (10-1, 1NC)

Round One

Xiaonan is immediately in pursuit here, looking for punches as Hill kicks early. Hill then stepped into range though, eating a massive right hand but firing back with a knee of her own. Xiaonan landed another right hand but Hill then responded, scoring with a Superman Punch and securing a takedown as well. Xiaonan immediately went to work off her back though, using rubber guard but then standing back up. Hill's 2nd takedown attempt was less successful, following up a solid right hand with an error and winding up on her back.

Hill also attacked from that position, thinking armbar and then transitioning to a triangle. She had the hold fully applied too, tightening it up as Xiaonan held on until the buzzer.

Round Two

A sidekick to the body dropped Hill immediately, following up with punches and seemingly overwhelming her foe as well. Xiaonan was walking in to some strikes in the meantime but continued to land regardless, mixing things up and timing a textbook left hook too. As Hill pushed forward in response, she appeared fatigued, trading strikes with mixed results. Her takedown was defended too but Hill continued to apply pressure, upping the activity even if her explosiveness had declined. Xiaonan scored a takedown late and then tagged Hill as she stood back up too.

Round Three

Hill’s aggression refused to waver, walking forward but continuing to eat shots as a result. Xiaonan’s punches initially appeared crisper, especially here in the 3rd, still throwing combinations that often overthrew her foe’s success. A right hook did seemingly rock Xiaonan though, with Hill hoping to seize and upping the ante once more. Xiaonan didn’t wilt regardless, firing back and having some success of her own. Hill’s right hand had certainly found a home nonetheless, launching it over and over as Xiaonan looked to keep her foe off. In the end, Hill’s pressure began to pay dividends but it may have come too late.

Winner: Yan Xiaonan via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)


Ricardo Lamas (19-7) vs. Calvin Kattar (19-3)

Round One

Lamas is the aggressor early, shuffling forward before taking a step back and throwing some kicks. Low kicks are landing in particular, with Kattar also eating a right hand as he took center cage. Some body punches then gave Kattar an initial route to success, next rocking Lamas with a jab and continuing to dictate things as he gained control. The body punches were a consistent factor, with Kattar controlling range before flooring Lamas via sudden left hook, right hand combination. He jumped on top too, forcing a stoppage right away.

Winner: Calvin Kattar via 1st Round TKO (4:06)

Karolina Kowalkiewicz (12-4) vs. Alexa Grasso (10-2)

Round One

Grasso is the active fighter early, throwing combinations off the back foot and having success right away. Kowalkiewicz appeared to be struggling with her foe's speed but did land a solid knee on the inside. Nonetheless, Grasso's punches continued to find a home, now landing some kicks as well. The difference in hand speed was the story here though, with Kowalkiewicz consistently having her head snapped back by sharp combinations. At the round's close, Grasso initiated the clinch and then flurried on the inside.

Round Two

Kowalkiewicz's aggression hadn't lessened any in the 2nd, still pushing forward but continuing to eat punches nonetheless. This fight had settled into a pattern in that sense, with Grasso constantly tagging Kowalkiewicz and evading much of the offense coming back in response too. Kowalkiewicz then shifted approach though, landing a knee and snatching the clinch. She drove Grasso to the fence from there but couldn't take advantage, eating some elbows and losing position. Back at range, Grasso continued to time her foe with relative ease.

Round Three

After struggling again early, Kowalkiewicz again looked to initiate the clinch, failing to impact proceedings though and eating knees instead. Grasso was only increasing her aggression too, dominating the action both inside and out. Kowalkiewicz just couldn't find any consistent success, still walking forward bravely nonetheless. That toughness wasn't making things any easier though, with Kowalkiewicz continuing to eat heavy shots until with just seconds left, Grasso jumped on a guillotine as the buzzer sounded.

Winner: Alexa Grasso via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Aljamain Sterling (17-3) vs. Pedro Munhoz (18-3, 1NC)

Round One

A kick onslaught got Sterling underway here early, pushing Munhoz back before settling at range. Sterling's speed was clear immediately, controlling things from distance and landing a left hook as well. Happy with his handywork, Sterling began to taunt Munhoz, daring him to walk forward and throwing counters in response. Munhoz stayed composed regardless, stuffing a takedown and landing a left hook of his own. He then walked into an elbow though and a right hand as well, with Sterling's speed proving pivotal in every exchange.

Munhoz remained undeterred, walking forward calmly and landing some kicks too. He still couldn't avoid Sterling's punches though, becoming frustrated by his foe's range. He upped the ante as a result, pushing Sterling back and having some success inside. Sterling escaped anyway, landing more punches until the buzzer sounded.

Round Two

After catching a kick early, Sterling exploded once again, throwing some nice punches but eating a sharp body kick in response. Munhoz then landed a hard low kick too, eating a sharp right hand in relatiation. Sensing that he'd hurt his foe to the body, Munhoz focused on kicks in that direction, halting Sterling's movement as a result. Even still, Sterling's punches were tagging Munhoz, seemingly rocking him only for Munhoz to continue pushing forward. A spinning elbow found a home regardless, with Munhoz continuing his body attacks throughout.

Low kicks came next, landing three in a row and suddenly flooring Sterling, he then attacked a guillotine but Sterling escaped and stood back up. Though his offense continued to land, Sterling appeared to be slowing but kept his output high anyway.

Round Three

With his left leg damaged, Sterling remained in southpaw, maintaining his distance and landing throughout. Munhoz continued to shuffle forward though, walking into a whirlwind of strikes in response. Munhoz's body attacks continued nonetheless, eventually landing a solid right hand as Sterling attempted to use kicks to keep him away. When Sterling did hold his feet though, he was still able to win most of the exchanges, snapping Munhoz's head back with every punch in the book. Munhoz was relentless though, continuing to chop Sterling down with kicks but failing to stop his foe's offense. The crowd applauds as these two brawl to the buzzer.

Winner: Aljamain Sterling via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Tatiana Suarez (7-0) vs. Nina Ansaroff (10-5)

Round One

After opening up with some low kicks, Suarez shot a takedown. Ansaroff sprawled nicely but was then pushed to the fence and swiftly put on her back. Suarez eventually settled in top position too, avoiding some offensive grappling and winding up in guard. Ansaroff then fought to her feet though, defending a takedown against the fence. She could only delay Suarez for so long regardless, once again being taken down. Suarez then began to attack, looking to pass the guard but failing to do so and eating a few up-kicks as a result. Nonetheless, she soon landed some ground and pound, finishing the round in top position.

Round Two

Ansaroff is hesitant here early, expecting a takedown and eventually falling victim to exactly that, with Suarez quickly resuming top position. Ansaroff stood back up again though, throwing some elbows but eventually conceding position and closing her guard. Though she looked for submissions at times, Ansaroff was now pinned to the mat, with Suarez controlling proceedings even if only landing sporadic ground and pound. Impressively, Ansaroff then stood back up but ate a knee to the groin as action was delayed. Things were quiet in the round's closing moments, with Suarez edging forward behind kicks.

Round Three

That trend continued in the 3rd, with Suarez walking forward but having her takedown attempt blocked. Ansaroff landed a decent right hand too, circling nicely before applying some pressure herself. That walked her into a left hand though, with Suarez finding her own range before shooting another takedown. Once again, Ansaroff sprawled, returning to distance and throwing a spinning wheel kick that only barely missed. Suarez was having some success of her own, with both women landing as Ansaroff's kicks continued to find a home.

That included a neat combination late, finishing with a headkick but failing to put a visible dent in Suarez. At the round's close, Ansaroff flurried once more, landing a nice combination but failing to close the show as required.

Winner: Tatiana Suarez via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Main Card

Tai Tuivasa (8-1) vs. Blagoy Ivanov (17-2, 1NC)

Round One

Low kicks land early for Tuivasa, soon pushing forward before settling at range. Ivanov shot a neat left hand to the body but then ate a right hand to the head as Tuivasa used the clinch to back his foe up. Elbows followed but they soon separated, with Ivanov landing a counter right hook that dropped his foe. Tuivasa fought upright though, avoiding a guillotine and firing back with an elbow. Ivanov then again attacked the guillotine, with Tuivasa escaping once more as a brief brawl commenced.

Tuivasa closed distance again though, clinching in-between his striking spurts. At range, more shots landed for Ivanov, seemingly rocking Tuivasa in the round's final minute.

Round Two

More exchanges got the 2nd round underway, with Tuivasa landing some leg kicks and then backing up and firing a beautiful 1-2 that wobbled Ivanov badly. He couldn't follow up though, settling inside the clinch before returning to range. After finding his feet, Ivanov pushed forward, landing some sharp shots and seemingly hurting Tuivasa. Both men continued to score though, landing heavy punches as Tuivasa used low kicks as well. This is a wild affair, with neither man defending themselves much as they trade strikes in center cage. The round concludes with Ivanov having a choke applied as the buzzer saves Tuivasa.

Round Three

Back to the feet and things continue as they were, with both men landing heavy leather as Tuivasa's leg kicks appeared to be paying dividends. A hard right hand followed but Ivanov pushed forward, tackling his foe against the fence as they battled for position. Tuivasa seemingly gained control but wound up in a guillotine as a result, with Ivanov losing position soon after. He maintained the clinch regardless, with the action stalling until Ivanov attacked the neck again. This time he used it for control, landing some knees as they brawled back to distance.

Tuivasa seized at range, unleashing more low kicks but walking into some punches for his troubles. Ivanov's leg is severely damaged but he keeps swinging, trading blows until the final buzzer.

Winner: Blagoy Ivanov via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Jimmie Rivera (22-3) vs. Petr Yan (12-1)

Round One

An exchange of low kicks got this one underway early, with both men finding their range as Rivera had some success in brief exchanges. His low kicks were connecting also, evading much of Yan's offense before using a clinch to wear on Yan too. Rivera was very much dictating things here, controlling range and mixing things up along the way. His defense was equally impressive, using angles and moving his head neatly as he sprawled a takedown as well. Another attempt followed, resulting in a wild scramble that Rivera came out on top of. Yan was finding a home for his kicks though and then landed a long left hook too, dropping Rivera out of nowhere but failing to finish before the buzzer sounded!

Round Two

Yan continued to land early in the 2nd, scoring a combination but then walking into a heavy retaliation from Rivera. Both men were now landing, trading power punches until Rivera used a brutal low kick to regain control. He followed up too, scoring a beautiful right hand before settling back at range. Yan edged forward in response, now standing southpaw and throwing a sharp body kick too. Rivera's punches were landing though, scoring in combination as Yan relied more on single shots. The low kicks were allowing him to dictate things too but as he backed into the fence, Yan exploded again, landing a heavy head kick that badly cut Rivera.

It also encouraged takedown attempts from Rivera, then trading punches once more until the same position damaged Rivera again, being floored by yet another right hand against the fence. The buzzer saved Rivera again though.

Round Three

Rivera caught a heavy body kick early, failing to take Yan down on two occasions and returning to his kicking game. An uppercut then stunned him though, knocking his mouthpiece out and causing a delay in the action. At the restart, Rivera attacked wildly, aware of his need for a knockout and eventually landing a beautiful right hand. Yan was unmoved for now though, scoring nice kicks of his own until an eye poke halted things again. Once things restarted, Rivera continued his pursuit, chasing after Yan but failing to do the damage necessary as Yan grappled his way to the buzzer.

Winner: Petr Yan via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Tony Ferguson (24-3) vs. Donald Cerrone (36-11)

Round One

These two met in the middle, with Cerrone eating a kick early as he looked to find his range. He soon began to do exactly that, landing punches as Ferguson scored some low kicks. Cerrone did the same but ate a right hand in response, retaliating with a flurry and backing Ferguson up. An elbow then landed for Ferguson, applying pressure and mixing up his offense too. He avoided Cerrone's head kick as well, landing some solid punches and targeting the body. Cerrone fired back, snapping Tony's head back but being stalled by a kick to the midsection.

The pressure continued from Ferguson, walking through a body kick and throwing his own. An exchange of jabs followed, with both men then flurrying as Cerrone seemingly rocked his foe before being stunned to the body. They touch gloves at the round’s close.

Round Two

A body kick got things underway for Ferguson, then wobbling Cerrone with a jab and scoring a left hook too. Tony’s pressure was paying dividends here, attacking with a range of offense and walking through a right hand to land more heavy strikes. Ferguson was having his own moments though, pushing forward in spurts and landing a headkick before a spinning elbow stopped him in his tracks. A wild exchange came next, with both men landing as Cerrone’s face began to show the damage being done. Cerrone then took Ferguson down though, losing position as Tony immediately stood back up.

Ferguson’s pressure then continued, charging through a whirlwind and refusing to allow his own offense to slow. Cerrone was still landing though, going high and low but failing to keep his foe at bay. ‘Cowboy’ is looking battered at the 2nd round’s close as Ferguson lands a punch after the buzzer.

Cerrone's eye is completely shut and as a result, this fight is over, with the doctor stopping proceedings much to 'Cowboy's dismay.

Winner: Tony Ferguson via 2nd Round TKO (Doctor Stoppage - 5:00)

UFC Women's Flyweight Championship

Valentina Shevchenko (16-3) (c) vs. Jessica Eye (14-6, 1NC)

Round One

Eye charged forward early, eating three heavy body kicks as Shevchenko controlled range beautifully. She then scored a takedown with ease too, settling in half guard before moving to side control and then mount. Eye regained half guard though, biding her time as the crowd began to boo. She then secured guard also, standing up only to be taken back down right away. Shevchenko was more in control this time, applying the Crucifix position and attacking an arm as Eye escaped just moments before the buzzer sounded.

Round Two

More body kicks landed for Shevchenko immediately here and then she went high, KNOCKING EYE OUT COLD with a spectacular head kick! This one is over and in brutal fashion too.

Winner: Valentina Shevchenko via 2nd Round KO (Head Kick)

UFC Bantamweight Championship

Henry Cejudo (14-2) vs. Marlon Moraes (22-5-1)

Round One

Moraes opens up with a heavy low kick, next going high and then landing a right hand too. An exchange followed, with Moraes’ explosive combinations giving him the upper hand. The low kicks are landing too, next sprawling a takedown and returning to range. Another exchange came next, with Moraes again returning his foe to the back foot as he continued to edge forward. Cejudo had failed to score any offense thus far, continuing to eat low kicks as Moraes then shot to the body as well. Cejudo did land in an inside exchange but ate another low kick for his troubles.

Round Two

A left hook connects for Cejudo early but more low kicks stalled him again. He then ran into an uppercut but landed a shot of his own, sending Moraes off balance but not hurting him regardless. Moraes then landed a sharp head kick counter, defending a takedown and continuing his attack on the legs. Cejudo responded with a low kick of his own but its impact wasn’t comparable, next being kicked off his feet as he edged forward. He did land a solid right hand though, following up and tagging Moraes once more.

Moraes refused to give up much ground though, firing back and landing an uppercut as Cejudo continued to pour it on. Cejudo was suddenly all over his foe, securing the clinch and unleashing violent knees as Moraes attempted a takedown in response. It was defended, with Cejudo pushing forward again but walking into a right hand on the buzzer.

Round Three

The wild exchanges continued into round three, with Cejudo being the aggressor and initiating a clinch only for Moraes to swiftly separate. His pressure didn’t stop though, with an apparent eye poke then halting things. At the restart, Cejudo poured it on once more, battering Moraes in the clinch but failing to score a takedown. He had his foe pinned against the fence regardless, dragging him to the mat and looking for a choke as Moraes barely escaped. Cejudo stayed on top of him though, landing a knee to the chest and settling in guard.

After escaping an armbar, Cejudo then unleashed an onslaught of ground and pound, dominating Moraes with violent elbows and hammerfists. Moraes was lifeless and the referee simply had no choice but to stop proceedings.

Winner: Henry Cejudo via 3rd Round TKO (4:51)

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