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Main Card (ESPN+ PPV at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT)

Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno declared a majority draw (47-46 Figueiredo, 47-47, 47-47) -- UFC flyweight championship

Charles Oliveira def. Tony Ferguson via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Mackenzie Dern def. Virna Jandiroba via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Kevin Holland def. Jacare Souza by knockout (1:45, R1)

Ciryl Gane def. Junior Dos Santos via TKO (2:34, R2)

Preliminary Card (ESPN2, ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT)

Cub Swanson def. Daniel Pineda by knockout (1:52, R2)

Rafael Fiziev def. Renato Moicano by knockout (4:05, R1)

Gavin Tucker def. Billy Quarantillo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Tecia Torres def. Sam Hughes by TKO via doctor stoppage (5:00, R1)

Early Prelims (ESPN+ at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT)

Chase Hooper def. Peter Barrett by submission via heel-hook (3:02, R3)

Continue below for your main card play-by-play coverage.

Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brandon Moreno — UFC Flyweight Championship

Round One: The marquee of the evening is officially underway and the fate of the UFC flyweight title hangs in the balance. Bruce Buffer goes through the introductions, our referee Jason Herzog goes over the final instructions and a touch of the gloves gets this main event officially underway. Figueiredo comes out with a spinning back kick that lands to Moreno's body but Moreno clinches Figueiredo against the fence and throws him to the mat. The champ scrambled and quickly gets back to the feet and pressure his challenger then lands a hard right hook to the body which wobbles Moreno. The challenger barely misses a left hook and pays for it by eating another left hook to the body. Moreno misses a head kick and slips but hits Figueiredo with an up kick that forces the champ to retreat. Moreno attempts another head kick but narrowly misses and Figueiredo lands yet another hook to the body on Moreno. Figueiredo walks forward and eats a left hand from Moreno and barely escapes another head kick attempt from the challenger. The champ circles back to the center of the octagon then continues to walk down Moreno and lands a heavy right hook as the round comes to a close.

Round Two: The second round begins with Moreno landing a right hook on the champ. Figueiredo retaliates with a spinning back kick to the body of Moreno and continues to walk the challenger down. The champ drills Moreno with a combo to the head and body that stings the challenger but Moreno continues to be able to eat those shots. Moreno goes for a takedown and lands it but the champ accidentally pokes Moreno in the eye which causes referee Jason Herzog to call for a break in the action. Moreno signals he's ready to go and Herzog allows him to regain his position on top of the champ and restarts the bout. Figueiredo quickly scrambles and gets the fight back to the feet and continues his pursuit of the challenger. The champ drills Moreno with another spinning back kick to the body which forces Moreno to back off his attack. Moreno lands a pair of jabs on the champ and is able to land another takedown. Figueiredo again scrambles back to his feet but the round comes to an end.

Round Three: This action-packed scrap has somehow made it to the third round. The pair simultaneously throw left hooks which land but the champ pours on the offense with a quick 1-2 to the body and follows it up with a left hook that Moreno somehow eats and continues to walk forward. Moreno grabs the champ and pushes him to the cage but Figueiredo slides out of the way and circles back to the center of the octagon. Moreno is now the one pushing the pace and lands a heavy left hook on the champ but Figueiredo lands a left hook of his own then absolutely nails Moreno down low that forces the referee to call for another break. Herzog takes a point away from Figueiredo and the fight resumes. The champ pushes forward even more aggressively then before the point deduction and trips Moreno up and begins to work on the mat. The challenger scrambles to his feet and drills Figueiredo with a left hook as the round ends.

Round Four: It's time for championship rounds to determine the UFC flyweight champion. Figueiredo continues to push forward and these two are throwing absolute hammers on each other and Moreno lands a head kick that wobbles the champ and attempts a takedown on Figueiredo and quickly gains top control. The champ gets back to his feet and lands a nasty uppercut on Moreno but the Mexican-born challenger continues to eat the shots and walk forward. Moreno blasts Figueiredo with a left hook and the champ is in serious trouble but is somehow still standing and trading until Moreno lands another takedown. Moreno backs up then lands a heavy shot and lets the champ back up and continues the assault with a huge right hand that wobbles the champ but the round ends before any more damage is taken and it appears as if we're somehow headed to a fifth-round.

Round Five: One of the best UFC flyweight bouts of all-time is somehow headed to a fifth and final round to determine the champion. The impossible pace of the fourth-round slows down a bit to begin the final frame but the champ pushes forward with a couple body kicks that land on the challenger. Figueiredo wobbles the challenger with a right hook but that doesn't deter Moreno from continuing to push forward. On commentary Joe Rogan points out that Moreno's left forearm has noticeable swelling which could be a broken arm. Moreno's output has gone down considerably from the fourth-round which could very well be because of the possible left forearm injury. In the final minute, Moreno begins to come forward and attempts a takedown as he pushes the champ to the fence and clinches. Figueiredo flips Moreno on his back and lands a few shots of ground and pound as this barn-burner comes to a close and these two somehow go the full 25-minutes. What a fight. The UFC's final PPV of the year may very well have produced the fight of the year. It's noted by the commentary team that UFC President Dana White told Moreno that, that was the best fight in UFC flyweight history.

Result: Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno declared a majority draw (47-46 Figueiredo, 47-47, 47-47)

Tony Ferguson vs. Charles Oliveira

Round One: The people's main event is next up. The co-feature of the evening is officially underway. Oliveira drills Ferguson with a heavy head kick and follows it up with a right hook that wobbles the former UFC interim champion. Ferguson slips and Oliveira picks him back up just to dump him to the mat for a solid takedown. Oliveira gets full guard and is beginning to setup a head and arm choke but Ferguson rolls his head out of danger for the moment. Oliveira is relentless in the pursuit of Ferguson's neck but backs up and drops some heavy elbows onto Ferguson and denies any scramble attempt then snatches Ferguson's left arm out of nowhere and twists it backwards in horrific fashion but Ferguson somehow holds on as the round ends.

Round Two: We're somehow in the second round and Ferguson is coming forward but Oliveira drills him with a kick to the midsection and dumps Ferguson on his head for another takedown. Ferguson drills Oliveira with an upkick to an officially downed Oliveira and referee Herb Dean steps-in and breaks it up. The doctor checks on Oliveira but he gets the all clear and Herb Dean restarts the fight with Oliveira back on top of Ferguson. Oliveira stands over Ferguson and drops some hammerfists onto a beat-up Ferguson. Oliveira continues the assault to a downed Ferguson and is just battering him until the round comes to a close.

Round Three: The final round begins with Ferguson coming straight towards Oliveira knowing he needs a finish to win this one. However, Oliveira latches on and tosses him onto the mat yet again and gains side control with ease. Oliveira attempts a triangle choke out of nowhere and hammers Ferguson with elbows but Ferguson is able to roll out of it but Oliveira is still in side control and the barrage continues until the bell rings and this one is going to the judges.

Result: Charles Oliveira def. Tony Ferguson via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Mackenzie Dern vs. Virna Jandiroba

Round One: Two absolute legit BJJ competitors are up next. The bout is underway after a touch of the gloves. Dern plants a couple of leg kicks onto Jandiroba's left leg and blasts her with a right hook but Jandiroba throws a heavy hook right back at Dern that slows her down quite a bit. Dern then cracks Jandiroba with another right hook that backs Jandiroba up to the fence. Circling back to the center of the cage is Jandiroba but Dern backs her right up with a flurry of punches before clinging onto Jandiroba's right leg but is unable to get the takedown. The pair of Brazilian's exchange some heavy shots in the middle of the cage as the round comes to a close.

Round Two: The round begins with Dern backing Jandiroba up but walks into a right hook that slows her pace down considerably. Dern slips but Jandiroba does not seem to want any of Dern's BJJ. Dern is able to get Jandiroba against the cage but Jandiroba counters and lands a knee followed up with a hook that stuns Dern. Our ref for this one is Jason Herzog and he steps in and calls for a break after Dern accidentally pokes Jandiroba in the eye. Herzog calls for the doctor to come take a look at the damaged right eye of Jandiroba but she's given the all clear, Herzog warns Dern to be careful and we're back underway. Dern latches onto Jandiroba's left leg but gets pushed against the fence and is once again denied the takedown. Dern's nose is cut and bloodied up but pulls guard and takes this one to the ground. Dern attempts an armbar towards the end of the round but Jandiroba backs off a bit and lands a few punches to Dern's bloodied face as the round comes to an end.

Round Three: The third and final round begins and Dern comes out swinging after getting cut up to close the previous round. Dern goes right for a takedown but is yet again stymied by Jandiroba who circles back to the center of the octagon. Dern drills Jandiroba with a nasty hook then pushes her against the fence but Jandiroba throws her off and circles back to the middle of the cage. The two ladies stand in the center and throwing absolute hammers without much blocking and two of the best BJJ players in the UFC are having a good ole' slugfest. Dern latches into Jandiroba and pushes her against the fence with about 30-seconds to go. Dern finally gets the takedown and the pair scramble to close this one out.

Result: Mackenzie Dern def. Virna Jandiroba via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Kevin Holland vs. Jacare Souza

Round One: This one is underway after a touch of the gloves and Jacare goes right for the takedown and is successful in doing so but Holland starts hammering Jacare with elbows and flirts with a triangle to escape and get back to his feet. Jacare keeps the pressure on and pushes Holland back to the cage, Holland attempts a guillotine but slips out of it and Jacare gets another takedown. The pair exchange blows but Holland scrambles to his knees and drills Jacare with a right hook and finishes the job until the ref calls it off. What a knockout.

Result: Kevin Holland def. Jacare Souza by knockout (1:45, R1)

Junior dos Santos vs. Ciryl Gane

Round One: With a touch of the gloves the big boys kick-off the main card. Gane pushes the pace with a pair of straight kicks to the body of JDS and follows it up with a guillotine attempt but JDS is ready for it and slips out. The pair circle back to the middle of the octagon and exchange a few jabs. Gane with a nice side kick to the body and immediately follows it up with a kick to the head that JDS is able to partially block. The Frenchmen continues to push forward with body kicks and begins to find his range with a pair of jabs but a kick to the body goes too low and the ref calls for a break in the action to check on the Brazilian. JDS takes a few moments to collect himself and the fight restarts. Back to the action and Gane continues to piece up the body of JDS with a mixture of side and front kicks. JDS catches a kick, tosses Gane down but doesn't follow up with a ground and pound attempt. JDS swings for the fences then drills Gane with a spinning back kick to the body and blasts his opponent with a heavy right hand to close out the round.

Round Two: Round two gets underway with another flurry of Gane kicks to the body of JDS. The undefeated Frenchmen follows up with a pair of kicks to JDS' legs but he finally begins to check them. Gane blasts JDS with an elbow and followed it up with a body kick and the ref calls it off after a few shots from Gane to a downed JDS. That's a fourth-straight KO-loss for the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Result: Ciryl Gane def. Junior Dos Santos via TKO (2:34, R2)

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