UFC Fight Night 92: Rodriguez Vs. Caceres Results: Main Event Goes The Distance, Bermudez Calls Out Edgar After Strong Performance


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You can see the full card below. 

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MAIN CARD (FOX Sports 1, 10 PM EST)
Yair Rodriguez defeated Alex Caceres via split decision (46-49, 48-47, 48-47)
Dennis Bermudez defeated Rony Jason via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)
Thales Leites defeated Chris Camozzi via submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 2:58
Santiago Ponzinibbio defeated Zak Cummings via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Trevor Smith defeated Joe Gigliotti via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)
Maryna Moroz defeats Danielle Taylor via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Court McGee defeated Dominique Steele via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Marcin Tybura defeated Viktor Pesta via TKO (head kick), Round 2, 0:53
David Teymur defeated Jason Novelli via TKO (punches), Round 2, 1:25
Teruto Ishihara defeated Horacio Gutierrez via TKO (punches), Round 1, 2:32

Cub Swanson defeated Tatsuya Kawajiri via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Justin Ledet defeated Chase Sherman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)



Justin Ledet defeated Chase Sherman via unaniomus decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) - Writing this as the first fight of this card, this is one of the best bouts of tonight. The fight was all boxing and the crowd was definitely into this fight which is a good sign for the rest of the card. Both guys said 'screw it, we're just going to punch each other for 15 minutes.' Ledet was the slightly more active fighter, but I'll give Sherman credit for acting tough and showing bravado after all that damage done to his face. It was an offense-heavy that people are going to be talking about once this night is done.

Cub Swanson defeated Tatsuya Kawajiri via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) - Strong performance and heart from both of these fighters. Swanson needed the win more to remain a contender in the Featherweight division. Another good fight considering how low it is on the card. After an accidental knee from Swanson to Kawajiri's head nearly ruined Swanson's chances of a decision victory, Swanson remained the more aggressive fighter. Kawajiri, despite being ranked #14 in the division and getting a knee to the head in the middle of the second round, did well to at least keep up with Swanson. The win should propel Swanson one step closer to possibly challenging for the UFC Featherweight crown.

Teruto Ishihara defeated Horacio Gutierrez via TKO (punches), Round 1, 2:32 - Ishihara ended the fight in the first round after he caught Gutierrez with a swift left hook to Gutierrez's face. Gutierrez managed to recover for a second before Ishihara once again connected on a really well timed punch to his opponent's jaw. This might be Ishihara's best win in his career. The fight ended 2:32 into the first round. Cool moment for Ishihara wishing his mom happy birthday in the post-fight interview.

David Teymur defeated Jason Novelli via TKO (punches), Round 2, 1:25 - Teymur, with a huge performance tonight, connected on a beautiful left hook counter on Novelli's jaw. Teymur was using his legs as offense for most of the fight but you could tell that he was in control throughout the fight, despite him being on the outside. Teymur wore down Novelli and was the quicker fighter. His finishing ability is very impressive to watch in person. Teymur improved his MMA record to 5-1.

Marcin Tybura defeated Viktor Pesta via KO (head kick), Round 2, 0:53 - After the first two fights of this card went the distance, this is the third straight bout to ended via a vicious strike. This time, it's from Tybura landing an outstanding high kick to Pesta's head, almost out of nowhere. It will contend with the other finishes for the best knockout of tonight, and it is Tybura's best win of his career, arguably. Tybura focused on striking throughout the fight, so it almost seemed inevitable that he would knock out Pesta. So far, five fights in, we have had no bad fights in this card thus far. Really good sign heading into the second half of this card.

Court McGee defeated Dominique Steele via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) - Court McGee began the fight with a swift jab to Steele's jaw that could have ended the fight five seconds in. What followed was a minute-long struggle as McGee tried to choke Steele, albeit unsuccessfully. Give a lot of credit to Steele, who not only survived the initial onslaught, but brought the fight to McGee after almost having the referee stop the fight early into the first round. The crowd was electric heading into the third round as they should. By the end of the fight, both guys were bleeding a lot and it was close fight. In the end, McGee had the more dominant showing. McGee then called out Conor McGregor, saying that he's got nothing on McGee. What a way to finish the UFC Fight Night 92 Prelims.


Maryna Moroz vs. Danielle Taylor

Round 1: The first thing that people notice is how much smaller Taylor is compared to Moroz. Not a lot of action in this initial round as both fighters are trying to get into a rhythm first before going to aggressive. Moroz, with the obvious size and reach advantage, goes for several punches throughout the round as Taylor keeps moving around with the high guard. Moroz had the center control for pretty much the entire first round. This might be the story of the fight as Moroz does just enough to win the round without risking too much.

Fightful scores round 1 for Moroz 10-9

Round 2: More action from both women on the boxing side in this round. Taylor connects more punches and slowly gets momentum as she connects on a nice right hook to Moroz's jaw, which momentarily stuns her. Taylor keeps boxing her way into winning the second round. We see more kick attempts from Moroz but every time Taylor steps into the center, she goes for a combination of punches, and then steps out and keeps her hand up and execute great defense.

Fightful scores round 2 for Taylor 10-9

Round 3: Still a lot of misses from both fighter's boxing as the crowd boos for the first time tonight. Moroz connects on a front kick that stuns Taylor briefly but no one has taken a chance to go for the knockout hit. The fight moves more towards the center of the octagon, but remains a boxing heavy fight. A close fight, but Moroz should get the decision as she does just enough to win 2 out of the 3 rounds.

Fightful scores round 3 for Moroz 10-9, making it 29-28 for Moroz

Official Result: Maryna Moroz defeats Danielle Taylor via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Underwhelming fight considering how good the first six fights were, collectively. The crowd shared that sentiment as the offense was lackluster between the two and Moroz didn't do well, despite getting the win. Taylor got a good showing and provided a sound defensive gameplan. 


Trevor Smith vs. Joe Gigliotti

Round 1: Before the fight begins, the tale of the tape shows that Smith has a 4 inch height and 6 inch reach advantage over Gigliotti, but that didn't stop Gigliotti from landing a couple of combination punches, which offensive striking is his bread and butter. Smith has Gigliotti pinned to the cage for about a minute until he pins him to the ground. Most of the round from then onwards continue to be Smith pinning Gigliotti to the cage will sneaking a few hits in here and there. Crowd and ref grow impatient as he pulls both fighters and issues a warning to Smith to not pin his opponent to the cage again. Smith then manages to counter a takedown attempt from the smaller fighter into an unsuccessful guillotine attempt. Interesting to see if Smith now goes for a more offensive approach moving forward.

Fightful scores round 1 for Smith 10-9

Round 2: Smith hits a knee to Gigliotti's head and we're back to a slow and steady ground game from the much bigger Smith. The knee busted Gigliotti open and Trevor Smith is now trying to go for a rear-naked choke. Gigliotti has no choice but to defend to the best of his ability as he looks exhausted already. Gigliotti manages to get back up before Smith has in on the floor again. Like the previous fight, not a whole lot of action, but at least this fight is a lot more technical than the Moroz-Taylor fight.

Fightful scores round 2 for Smith 10-8

Round 3: Despite an honest effort from Gigliotti at the start of the round, trying to end with a knockout punch, Smith keeps insisting on taking his opponent down and we quickly see the ground game once again, much to the crowd's displeasure. Gigliotti gets back up, but is pinned to the cage before he escapes halfway through the round. Gigliotti sneaks in a good punch before he is taken down again. Probably the least action of the fight so far.

Fightful scores round 3 for Smith 10-9, making it 30-26 for Smith

Official Result: Trevor Smith defeated Joe Gigliotti via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

It didn't take rocket science to figure out Smith's plan for the fight: Take advantage of the size difference and make sure Gigliotti doesn't get any offense in whatsoever. Hard to argue with the result as this was the most dominating performance thus far.


Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Zak Cummings

Round 1: Interesting stat for Ponzinibbio has 13 first round in his professional career. You really couldn't tell as he was very cautious and methodical, barely throwing punches. That didn't mean Cummings did a whole ton better, but at least he's connected on a few punches. Ponzinibbio then finds his groove and hits a kick and a few punches to Cummings late into the round. Life is seen for Ponzinibbio, but still not showing as much offense as people are accustomed to. Cummings then accidentally kicks Ponzinibbio in the groin area and momentarily stops the fight while he finds his footing and recovers. Swift hands from both fighters towards the end of the first round as Cummings connects on a spinning back heel kick and ends the round with a take down.

Fightful scores round 1 for Cummings 10-9

Round 2: Both guys are trying to find an opening for a big hit, but in the first 3 minutes of the round, not a lot of great offense is shown. Ponzinibbio's left eye is bleeding from the first round as both guys throw a punch or two at each other. Cummings does go for a takedown unsuccessfully as both fighters leave the round without putting much of a fight in the second round.

Fightful scores round 2 for Cummings 10-9

Round 3: Ponzinibbio starts the round as the slightly more aggressive fighter. Despite the numbers showing that he has a more dominant fight in the striking department, watching it doesn't give that same message. Ponzinibbio now tries to end the fight, landing a good head kick and a flurry of punches. Cummings connects on a big left hand to Ponzinibbio, but is unfazed as he keeps attacking strong and moving well. The fight ends with both fighters showing mutual respect for each other. 

Fightful scores round 3 for Ponzinibbio 10-8, making it a 28-28 draw

Official Result: Santiago Ponzinibbio defeated Zak Cummings via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

I may be in the minority awarding this fight as a draw, but I think Ponzinibbio performed well. The first round, while I thought Cummings won, the numbers indicate otherwise. Maybe a second viewing of the fight can change my opinion of my decision, but I still stand with a draw. It was the best fight so far of the main card thus far.


Thales Leites vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1: For most of the first half of this round, Leites is holding Camozzi, pinning him to the cage, trying to take him down. Camozzi doesn't try much to get out of his predicament. Leites keeps trying to choke him out while on top of him before resorting to head strikes. Leites spends the entire round pretty much on top of Camozzi as if he was being given a piggy back ride. Very limited action so far in this opening round.

Fightful scores round 1 for Leites 10-9

Round 2: Second verse, same as the first. Crowd is starting to grow impatient over the lack of action as Leites continues to clinch Camozzi to the ground. Camozzi does well defending on the ground against Leites, but towards the end of the round, Leites sneaks in a few punches to Camozzi.

Fightful scores round 2 for Leites 10-9 

Round 3: Camozzi understood that he needs to end the fight as for the first 20 seconds of the round, he flashes a lot of offense and momentarily clinches Leites to the cage. Leites then disappoints the fans by going for a takedown and going for a rear-naked choke. This goes on for a good while before Leites then goes for punching as a way to wear Camozzi down. Leites then finds an opening and applies the rear-naked choke and Camozzi taps.

Before the tap, Fightful had round 3 for Leites 10-9, which would have made it 30-27 for Leites

Official Result: Thales Leites defeated Chris Camozzi via submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 2:58

The fans may not have liked Leites's performance in terms of providing high-octane action, Leites had one of the more dominating wins of the night. If this fight would have gone to judges' decision, no doubt Leites would have won either way.


Dennis Bermudez vs. Rony Jason

Round 1: Good offense from Bermudez as he uses his legs early to establish a rhythm to his offense which he does so well. Bermudez takes down Jason where, for the majority of the round, Bermudez has been connecting on a lot of ground strikes. Jason goes for a couple of triangle arm bars while down but Bermudez, not only escapes, but busts Jason open really badly on the forehead with a vicious elbow. The rest of the round is just Jason bleeding profusely while on the ground and on the defensive.

Fightful scores round 1 for Bermudez 10-9

Round 2: Jason does better in this round, connecting on a few hits, but still gets taken down. Bermudez continues his impressive onslaught and gets Jason to continue to bleed. Bermudez takes Jason down again and dominating the wrestling aspect of this fight. 

Fightful scores round 2 for Bermudez 10-9

Round 3: The final round sees a lot more standing offense from both fighters at the beginning. Jason looks winded as Bermudez continues to throw punches and kicks towards his way. Another take down attempt from Bermudez is interrupted and almost countered into a Guillotine choke by Jason. Jason catches Bermudez sleeping and takes him down and applies a rear-naked choke. Bermudez is in a lot of trouble and is almost forced to submit. He manages to escape but is still on the ground and is trying to just survive the round. The last 1:45 of the round is spent with both fighters on the ground.

Fightful scores round 3 for Jason 10-9, making it 29-28 for Bermudez

Official Result: Dennis Bermudez defeated Rony Jason via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

This was an absolute clinic from Bermudez. Outside of the last two minutes of the fight, where it looked like Bermudez could get choked out, the Puerto Rican controlled the mat, the striking and Jason. Look for Bermudez to climb up the rankings and go for a big fight in the featherweight division soon. Bermudez calls out Frankie Edgar for a UFC 205 match at Madison Square Garden in the post fight interview.


Yair Rodriguez vs. Alex Caceres

Round 1: Rodriguez unleashes a flurry of swift head kicks, some of them landing on Caceres, some missing, but all are putting pressure on Caceres. The afro-haired Caceres isn't afraid to throw some head kicks of his own. Both fighters are going at it with various kicks ad the crowd, although pro-Rodriguez at first, is slowly starting to cheer Caceres a bit. Rodriguez connects on a right jab and clinches Caceres to the cage for a bit before being released. Another battle of kicks between the two and a spinning backfist from Rodriguez ends the first round.

Fightful scores round 1 for Rodriguez 10-9

Round 2: Rodriguez continues to be hyper aggressive as he continues to go for various low kicks and spinning back kicks. Caceres tries to go for several punches as he dodges his opponent's kicks. Rodriguez then goes for a flying knee, but to no avail. Rodriguez starts to slow down, if ever so slightly. It's pretty much an even match as both guys are trying a land a knockout blow and end the fight quickly..

Fightful scores round 2 for Rodriguez 10-9

Round 3: The two main-eventers slowly transition to a more boxing-oriented fight. After about a minute or so, Rodriguez is fighting with a little less energy. Caceres starts to take advantage and tries to go for the kill. He eventually manages to get Rodriguez down and scrambles to try and maintain top position over Rodriguez. The crowd is now starting to cheer a lot for Caceres.

Fightful scores round 3 for Caceres 10-9

Round 4: Rodriguez is looking more sluggish as the fight progress. His kicks aren't pushing Caceres back like used to in the first two rounds as Caceres is closing the space between. Caceres is connecting on more punches and now very much in this fight. Rodriguez connects on a spinning back kick and a few punches but doesn't do much damage. Rodriguez still shows life trying to hit on a few strikes and hits on a spinning backfist. Caceres is not taking a chance to end the fight right here and there.

Fightful scores round 4 for Rodriguez 10-9

Round 5: Caceres starts off with a clinch nd Rodriguez is now trying to go for close combat, landing on a knee strike to Caceres' head. Caceres responds with a big takedown. Rodriguez tried to escape and does so. Fight is briefly interrupted as it appears that Rodriguez's glove was slightly lose. Rodriguez remains relentless with his punches, trying to at least stay ahead in the cards. Caceres is now trying to just find an opening to counterattack. No longer are the two focused on kicking as Rodriguez and Caceres is going for boxing at this point. The fight ends with a somersault kick from Rodriguez. 

Fightful scores round 4 for Rodriguez 10-9, making it 49-46 for Rodriguez

Official Result: Yair Rodriguez defeated Alex Caceres via split decision (46-49, 48-47, 48-47)

What a main event! A very good fight to end an extremely solid card. Not sure if I agree with the judge giving Caceres a 49-46 win, but Caceres did put himself in a very good position for future fights. He had a great showing out there and weathered the initial two rounds to start battling back.




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