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Fight Card

Prelims (ESPN+, 5 pm, ET)

Julio Arce defeated Julian Erosa via 3rd Round KO (1:49 - Head Kick)

Zak Cummings defeated Trevin Giles via 3rd Round Submission (4:01 - Guillotine Choke)

Ed Herman defeated Patrick Cummins via 1st Round TKO (3:39)

Grant Dawson defeated Mike Trizano via 1st Round Submission (2:27 - Rear Naked Choke)

Michel Pereira defeated Danny Roberts via 1st Round Knockout (1:47)

Desmond Green defeated Charles Jourdain via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Aspen Ladd defeated Sijara Eubanks via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 29-27, 29-28)

Main Card (ESPN+, 8 pm ET)

Davi Ramos defeated Austin Hubbard via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Charles Oliveira defeated Nik Lentz via 2nd Round TKO (2:11)

Vicente Luque defeated Derrick Krantz via 1st Round TKO (3:52)

Felicia Spencer defeated Megan Anderson via 1st Round Submission (3:24 - Rear Naked Choke)

Ian Heinisch defeated Antonio Carlos Junior via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Rafael Dos Anjos defeated Kevin Lee via 4th Round Submission (3:47 - Arm Triangle)

Julio Arce vs. Julian Erosa

Round One

Feeling out process here early as both men look to find their range. After 90 seconds though the pair met inside, briefly trading blows before returning to range. That trend continued, with things threatening to explode as Arce began to dictate things from the front foot. A clinch that altered things, allowing Erosa to take control and push his foe back. Further exchanges commenced there as Arce fired back, regaining center cage until Erosa responded with dynamic striking flurries. A wild scramble then led us to the round’s close. Close round but one that Erosa's activity likely earned him.

Round Two

Both men are right to work here in the 2nd, exchanging strikes with bad intentions early. Arce landed a solid left hand but Erosa was equal to it, keeping his output high as Arce continued to seek counters. Arce was now on the back foot consistently, circling as Erosa really pushed the pace. However, the quality of his work is undeniable and in this round, I think it was probably enough to level things up.

Round Three

This fight’s trends continue here early, with Erosa the aggressor as as Arce quite consistently picks good shots while on the back-foot. Aesthetically, this doesn’t look great for Arce but he’s having real success with punches UNTIL a sudden HEAD KICK flattens Erosa out of nowhere. Huge knockout win for Arce.

Winner: Julio Arce via 3rd Round KO (1:49 - Head Kick)

Zak Cummings vs. Trevin Giles

Round One

Cummings is offering differing looks here early, switching stance and edging forward as Giles looked to settle in himself. Not much action through 2 minutes but things then began to heat up, with Giles landing some punches until Cummings responded with a nice kick to the body. Cummings is the aggressor here but he’s eating counters for his troubles, already marking up and struggling to find any consistent offense too. At the round’s close, Cummings achieved the clinch but failed to make anything of it. Giles round for me but his lack of aggression may cost him.

Round Two

Nice right hand lands for Giles early and he looks to be taking center cage until Cummings’ gritty approach pushed him back again. With more openings becoming available, Cummings’ offense is beginning to be more successful but Giles is landing too as both men begin to exchange. A kick strays low from Giles though and we have a break from the action as a result. As we restart, Cummings lands a nice left hand and gains the clinch, failing to maximize it but remaining aggressive regardless. The round ends with more solid clinch-work from Cummings and I personally think he’s leveled this one up.

Round Three

Giles is holding his feet here more in the 3rd but while his speed is clear, that’s only allowing Cummings to get more comfortable. His own success has encouraged him to continue the approach regardless, edging forward and landing some solid counters as Cummings reaches. However, he’s now staying in Cummings’ range and as a result, he’s DROPPED by an overhand left. Cummings seized from there, snatching the Guillotine Choke and eventually forcing the tap.

Winner: Zak Cummings via 3rd Round Submission (4:01 - Guillotine Choke)

Patrick Cummins vs. Ed Herman

Round One

Herman is immediately pushed back by some solid punches here early, with Cummins pushing forward behind a hard jab. A right hand then landed in transition but Herman fired back with one of his own, slowly warming into things as the punches began to fly. Both men are throwing with bad intentions here and neither is showing off much defense either. Cummings then shifted gears, scoring a takedown that ultimately didn't prove a factor. Back on the feet and Cummins' right hand is continuing to land until a sudden knee dropped him in the clinch.

Herman follows up and closes the show too, landing ground and pound to force the stoppage.

Winner: Ed Herman via 1st Round TKO (3:39)

Grant Dawson vs. Mike Trizano

Round One

Trizano is on the front foot immediately here, pushing forward with strikes but then forced against the fence. Dawson is looking for a takedown but Trizano soon escaped nonetheless, walking forward once more. While Trizano's output is high, Dawson is keeping with him and eventually, he secured a takedown too. Trizano fought to his feet but Dawson stayed on his back before transitioning to a clinch against the cage. They were soon back at range regardless, with Trizano busting Dawson up as the latter fought through it to end the round with another takedown.

Round Two

Yet again, Dawson quickly halted Trizano's momentum here, scoring the takedown and taking mount. Trizano then gave his back and eventually, Dawson finished the fight via Rear Naked Choke.

Winner: Grant Dawson via 1st Round Submission (2:27 - Rear Naked Choke)

Michel Pereira vs. Danny Roberts

Round One

A right hand seemingly rocks Roberts early and Pereira attempts a Showtime Kick before landing yet another right hand. He then attempted a Rolling Thunder Kick. The wild strikes didn't stop there either, briefly chasing Roberts and then landing a FLYING KNEE to wobble Roberts before finishing him off via violent right hand.

Winner: Michel Pereira via 1st Round KO (1:47)

Desmond Green vs. Charles Jourdain

Round One

The hometown favorite strikes first here, landing a kick to the body as well as a neat counter right hand. Jourdain is pushing forward though, attempting kicks of his own but mostly falling short. Green's southpaw right hand is finding a home with regularity early on, landing around his foe's guard almost every time. A salvo of body shots came next and then a hard straight left hand too. Jourdain's offense is seemingly heating up slightly but he was swiftly taken down for his troubles anyway, eating some solid ground and pound as a result. Nonetheless, Jourdain made it upright and the pair exchanged strikes as the round came to a close.

Round Two

Another left hand gets things started for Green here but Jourdain then tripped him, scoring some success as Green returned to range. Desmond went back to work from there though, landing a flying knee but eating constant low-kicks along the way. That tactic has begun to mark Green's leg but he's pushing forward regardless, targeting the body once more. Jourdain's aggression is increasing either way, now acting the aggressor as Green keeps him on the end of a decent 1-2. While unable to land much outside of his low-kicks, Jourdain's output is impressive.

Round Three

That same trend continues in round three, with Green landing decent punches while Jourdain pushes forward behind more low-kicks. Green is seemingly slowing and that's allowing Jourdain to dictate things slightly, making his foe circle while refusing to back up for long. However, Green's punches are continuing to find a home throughout and with 80 seconds remaining, the home-town fighter scored a takedown too. Jourdain fought upright but Green took him down again only for Jourdain to stand up once more and chase his opponent to the buzzer.

Winner: Desmond Green via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Sijara Eubanks vs. Aspen Ladd

Round One

Ladd pushes forward here early but eats some strikes for her troubles. Eubanks then went for the takedown, slamming Ladd to the mat and eventually settling in half guard. Ladd then looked to escape and briefly gave up her back before standing upright and avoiding some attempts at another slam. She then defended a single leg and caught the guillotine, forcing Eubanks to scramble and give up her own back as well. After a transition, Ladd lost position but dragged Sijara back to the mat regardless.

Eubanks refused to settle with her back taken though and stood up again, creating space and unleashing an onslaught of strikes before finishing the round with some heavy ground and pound too.

Round Two

Eubanks is continuing to control the striking here in the 2nd but Ladd rushed her back to the fence in response. She eventually scored the takedown too, securing mount and then taking the back. Eubanks defended the choke terrifically though, somehow managing to escape twice but failing to score any offense along the way. Ladd then went to work with some elbows, dominating proceedings and seemingly hurting Eubanks as the 2nd round came to a close.

Round Three

Yet again, Ladd is walking into some hard shots on the feet but she's now firing back more than ever, having some success as well. Before long, she captures the clinch, landing a few elbows before returning to range. The exchanges continued from there, with both women landing heavy shots as Ladd refused to back up in response to Eubanks' shots. She was eating them nonetheless but continued to fire back before shooting a takedown with one minute to go. Eubanks defended it though and the pair brawled to the bell!

Winner: Aspen Ladd via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 29-27, 29-28)

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