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Fight Card

Prelims (ESPN2 - 10 am ET)

Joel Alvarez defeated Danilo Belluardo via 2nd Round TKO (2:21)

Devin Clark defeated Darko Stosic via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Bea Malecki defeated Eduarda Santana via 2nd Round Submission (Rear-Naked Choke - 1:59)

Frank Camacho defeated Nick Hein via 2nd Round TKO (4:56)

Leonardo Santos defeated Stevie Ray via 1st Round KO (Right Hand - 2:17)

Lina Lansberg defeated Tonya Evinger via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26 x2)

Sergey Khandozhko defeated Rostem Akman via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Main Card (ESPN+ - 1 pm ET)

Daniel Teymur defeated Sung-Bin Jo via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Christos Giagos defeated Damir Hadzovic via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-27 x2)

Makwan Amirkhani defeated Chris Fishgold via 2nd Round Submission (Anaconda Choke - 4:25)

Aleksandar Rakic defeated Jimi Manuwa via 1st Round KO (Head Kick - 0:42)

Anthony Smith defeated Alexander Gustafsson via 4th Round Submission (Rear-Naked Choke - 2:38)

Joel Alvarez (15-2) vs. Danilo Belluardo (12-3)

Round One

Alvarez is kicking with ferocity early, using his range to push Belluardo back rather comfortably. However, after two minutes Belluardo then changed levels, scoring a textbook takedown and landing in half guard. Alvarez soon regained full guard though, thinking submission as Belluardo finally got to work with strikes. He was landing to body and head, unleashing some sharp elbows as Alvarez struggled for control. Submission attempts were a constant too, with Alvarez eventually half-catching a triangle choke as the round came to a close. Nonetheless, Belluardo's round.

Round Two

Back on the feet and Alvarez is continuing to push his foe back, flurrying with strikes and eating an elbow for his troubles. Belluardo does briefly look overwhelmed though, backing up to the fence but then responding with a timely takedown. After spending some time on his back, Alvarez reversed position with the 'Dagestani handcuff' and suddenly unleashed a flurry of ground and pound that left the referee with no choice but to stop the fight.

Winner: Joel Alvarez via 2nd Round TKO (2:22)

Devin Clark (9-3) vs. Darko Stosic (13-1)

Round One

Both men are poised to explode here, with Stosic landing a heavy right hand early only to be swiftly dropped by a jab. That allowed Clark to take control, grappling Stosic to the mat and looking to take advantage only for his foe's grip to stall things. Both men then returned to their feet, clinching against the face before returning to range. Stosic landed a hard right hand almost immediately, rocking Clark as the clinch continued. With his foe against the fence, Stosic then looked to flurry, unleashing some strikes but running into a spinning back fist. Stosic soon regained that position regardless, battering Clark against the fence and sprawling a takedown. As they separated though, Clark looked to slow the pace, with a tired looking Stosic suddenly seeming slow as his foe evaded. Wild, wild round.

Round Two

That trend continued at the start of Round Two, with a less active Stosic standing still as Clark cautiously looked for an opening. They then returned to the clinch, with Clark being backed against the fence before their separation. Clark immediately landed some low kicks which only brought taunting out of Stosic. Back to the clinch from there, as Stosic elevated Clark for a slam and after some pretty blatant fence grabbing, dropped him on his back. Ground and pound soon followed but nothing too telling as the round ended with him on top.

Round Three

Clark took the initiative here early, taking Stosic down only for him to immediately stand up. Stosic was now in control, dicating things in the clinch until they again reset. Clark's takedown was then stalled, with Stosic keeping things upright and controlling the wrestling exchanges himself. However, his fatigue was obvious, allowing Clark to rally with a salvo of strikes as he only covered up. Outside of the odd power punch, Stosic wasn't offering much offense here but Clark couldn't really put a dent in him. Even still, Stosic was sprawling takedowns. With 30 seconds left, he then exploded one last time but Clark responded with a combination of his own. They battle to the buzzer and this fight almost certainly hinges on Round One.

Winner: Devin Clark via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Bea Malecki (2-0) vs. Eduarda Santana (3-0)

Round One

An immediate strike exchange got this underway, trading blows with success on both sides. Overall though, it did seem as though Santana's jab was giving her the advantage. She then scored a takedown too, constantly dragging Malecki to the mat until the fence finally allowed her to stand up. Santana remained in control though, clinching Malecki against the fence before a separation returned them to range. Slightly more fatigued exchanges followed, trading blows until the buzzer.

Round Two

Santana continued to get the better of things early, tagging Malecki as she came in and then thinking takedown. Malecki sprawled though and somehow came out on top, falling into mount and then taking the back. That left her thinking Rear-Naked Choke and after a scramble, Malecki applied the hold for the submission win.

Winner: Bea Malecki via 2nd Round Submission (Rear-Naked Choke - 1:59)

Nick Hein (14-4, 1NC) vs. Frank Camacho (21-7)

Round One

Feeling out process here early as Camacho edged forward, having some success until Hein pushed him back with strikes and scored a trip takedown. Camacho stood immediately back up though, returning to the aggressor role on the feet. Kicks were his main route to success, really targeting the body as Hein began to fire back. Camacho's eye had began to swell but his offense continued to flow, pushing Hein back and landing combinations. Hein's low kicks were finding a home though, landing some punches along the way as well. Nonetheless, Camacho was the more active fighter and his work was quality too, really pushing an impressive pace in the opener.

Round Two

Things continued as they were in the 2nd stanza, with Camacho's work seemingly wearing Hein down as he continued to up the output. Hein was responding though, landing his left hand but generally being outworked. With his foe's movement slowed, Camacho then began to thrive in the clinch, going to head and body on the inside. A beautiful uppercut followed, seemingly rocking Hein as Camacho flurried more and more. Fatigued and hurt, Hein began to freeze up, being battered to the body and wobbled by a heavy right hand too. Hein somehow stayed upright but Camacho continued to pour it on, eventually forcing a stoppage just moments before the round's close.

Winner: Frank Camacho via 2nd Round TKO (4:56)

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