UFC Vegas 45 Results, Live Coverage And Discussion: Derrick Lewis Knocks Out Chris Daukaus

Welcome to Fightful's results, live coverage and discussion for UFC Vegas 45: Lewis vs. Daukaus.

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Main Card (ESPN+, 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT)

  • (#3) Derrick Lewis def. (#7) Chris Daukaus via TKO (3:36, R1)
  • (#10) Belal Muhammad def. (#5) Stephen Thompson via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-26)
  • (#11) Amanda Lemos def. (#12) Angela Hill via split-decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Ricky Simon def. (#12) Raphael Assuncao via TKO (2:14, R2)
  • Mateusz Gamrot def. (#12) Diego Ferreira via TKO (3:26, R2)

Prelims (ESPN+, 4:00 p.m. ET/1:00 p.m. PT)

  • Cub Swanson def. Darren Elkins via TKO (2:21, R1)
  • Gerald Meerschaert def. Dustin Stoltzfus by submission via rear-naked choke (2:58, R3)
  • Justin Tafa def. Harry Hunsucker via TKO (1:53, R1)
  • Melissa Gatto def. Sijara Eubanks via TKO (0:45, R3)
  • Charles Jourdain def. Andre Ewell via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-27)
  • (#8 BW) Raquel Pennington def. (#11 BW) Macy Chiasson by submission via 10-finger choke (3:07, R2)
  • Don'Tale Mayes def. Josh Parisian via TKO (3:26, R3)
  • Jordan Leavitt def. Matt Sayles by submission via reverse-triangle (2:05, R2)


(#3) Derrick Lewis (25-8) vs. (#7) Chris Daukaus (12-3)

Round One - Daukaus with a 1-2 to start the action, both shots miss but he lands a leg kick, Lewis fires back with a right hand but it's blocked, he follows it up with a kick to the body but it's low, Daukaus tells referee Mark Smith that he's fine and the fight continues without a hitch. Lewis cracks Daukaus with a right, it hurts him bad, he retreats to the fence, Lewis fires off a ton of shots, they all seemingly land, Daukaus latches on for dear life, Lewis lands a knee to the body then pushes him off and drills him with another right and Daukaus falls face first on the mat and that's it. Derrick Lewis now becomes the sole leader for most knockouts in UFC history!

Result: (#3) Derrick Lewis def. (#7) Chris Daukaus via TKO (3:36, R1)

(#5) Stephen Thompson (16-5-1) vs. (#10) Belal Muhammad (19-3)

Round One - Thompson starts out with a spinning back kick to the body that lands and follows it up with a high kick that partially lands and Muhammad dives in for a takedown, pushes Thompson against the fence but Wonderboy powers out and circles back to the center of the octagon. Thompson misses a Superman punch and Muhammad perfectly times a takedown and lands it. Muhammad lands a few side punches while Thompson uses the cage to slide back to his feet, which he does and now has Muhammad clinched against the cage. Muhammad slides out, goes right back in for a takedown, gets it, Thompson scrambles back up, Muhammad grabs a leg and dumps him right back to the mat and settles in on top. Thompson looks to slide back to the cage, which he does, gets to a seated position, uses it to get back to his feet but Muhammad stays latched onto his back, scoops him and slams him to the mat and ends up in back control and unloads ground and pound to the side of his head. Thompson just covers up, Muhammad continues the onslaught, referee Herb Dean takes a look but doesn't stop it, Thompson slightly slides to the side, Muhammad is relentless in the attack but Thompson is able to do just enough to hear the buzzer and he survives the round.

Round Two - Round number two begins Thompson lands a 1-2, Muhammad dives in for a takedown and again, gets it, Thompson slides to the fence and quickly gets back to his feet but Muhammad stays locked in and has Thompson pressed against the fence and trips him to the mat for yet another takedown and quickly transitions to side control. Muhammad looks for a kimura, lands a few elbows to Thompson's thigh, continues to look for the arm, Thompson's using the fence to not allow any separation for Muhammad and the kimura attempt, Thompson gets to a seated position, Muhammad continues to rip at the arm, Thompson powers to the side but Muhammad doesn't allow him to go anywhere and starts dropping elbows for the entirety of the final 10-seconds of the round and Thompson somehow survived yet another onslaught from Muhammad as the horn sounds to send this one to round number three.

Round Three - The third and final round begins and it's more of the same as Muhammad pushes Thompson to the fence and quickly secured yet another takedown and is just pouring it on against the former two-time title challenger in Thompson. Wonderboy gets to a seated position and pushes himself to his feet, Muhammad doesn't let him get too far, holds on in the clinch and trips him up for another takedown but slips to the side, both get to the feet, Wonderboy lands a right on the break and Muhammad shoots and gets his what seems like, 50th takedown of the bout and ends up in top control. Muhammad lands a bevy of short but hard right hands without much separation, transitions to side control and lands a slicing elbow across the bridge of Thompson's nose. Muhammad pours it on, switches between elbows and punches and continues the barrage until the buzzer sounds and this one is going to the judges' scorecards but without much doubt in the outcome. Statement performance from Belal Muhammad!


(#11) Amanda Lemos (10-1-1) vs. (#12) Angela Hill (13-10)

Round One - Hill's the aggressor, pushing forward early but neither are in a rush to throw anything until Lemos wallops Hill with a front kick that sends her to the canvas, Lemos jumps on top, looks for some shots, Hill does a good job to not allow any separation and looks for a kimura, Lemos is alert and slides out of danger, stands back up and allows Hill to follow suit but Hill dives forward and gets a takedown of her own, Lemos looks for the neck, Hill remains calm, flips out of danger and gets back to her feet. Lemos lands a straight left, Hill returns fire but just misses a counter right but follows it up with an overhand right that drills Lemos right behind the ear but the Brazilian just eats it and continues her march forward. Hill initiates the clinch, Lemos pushes her off but Hill lands a left hook on the break. Lemos with a side kick to the body, Hill whiffs on a left, Lemos gets the clinch, Hill pushes away and the buzzer sounds to end round number one.

Round Two - The middle frame gets underway and Lemos just misses a right hook to start but she quickly gets the clinch and has Hill pressed against the fence, Hill reverses momentum and now has Lemos against the cage and lands a shoulder to the chin, Lemos rips a right to the body and powers out and gets back to the center of the octagon. Lemos ends up getting right back to the clinch, Hill pushes out, lands a wild right hand, Lemos misses a counter right, Hill shoots for a takedown and ends up in the clinch with Lemos against the fence. Lemos rips a pair to the body, Hill trips her to a knee, Lemos throws a left from her knees, Hill escapes, Lemos misses a body shot, Hill misses a left at the horn and this one's headed for the third and final round.

Round Three - Round number three is underway and Hill lands a left, Lemos counters and sticks a left and Hill dives in and gets a perfectly timed takedown but Lemos scrambles, gets to her feet but Hill continues to push the pace and stays on her inside of the clinch against the cage. Lemos is able to power out and gets out of the way of an overhand right from Hill before catching air on a counter right of her own. Hill again initiates the clinch and gets Lemos against the fence but Lemos is able to quickly get out and back to the center of the cage. Hill misses a left, Lemos misses a right, Hill sweeps Lemos' legs and trips her to the mat, Lemos scrambles back up, misses a right, Hill misses a left and the buzzer sounds to send this one to the judges' scorecards. Fight of the night contender from Amanda Lemos and Angela Hill!

Result: (#11) Amanda Lemos def. (#12) Angela Hill via split-decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

(#12) Raphael Assuncao (27-8) vs. Ricky Simon (18-3)

Round One - Assuncao starts out the action with a jab but Simon kicks him low which caused a brief break in the action. Assuncao gives the OK and we're back to the action. Simon tags Assuncao with a kick to the body and a straight right before Assuncao lands a leg kick but Simon dives in for a takedown and gets it. Simon looks for separation to throw some shots, Assuncao defends well and scrambles back to his feet, Simon tosses him down, Assuncao continues to scramble and ends up on Simon's back, Simon slips out, scoops and slams Assuncao and ends up in top control and he'll ride it out there until the horn which signifies the end of the opening frame.

Round Two - Round number two begins and Simon peppers Assuncao with a 1-2 and then drills Assuncao with a straight right that sends the Brazilian to the canvas and it's all over! Biggest win of Ricky Simon's career!

Result: Ricky Simon def. (#12) Raphael Assuncao via TKO (2:14, R2)

(#12) Diego Ferreira (17-4) vs. Mateusz Gamrot (19-1)

Round One - An inside leg kick from Ferreira starts off the action. The Brazilian lands a front kick to the body then goes upstairs but the high kick is blocked by Gamrot, who fires off a front kick to the body of his own but just misses. Gamrot dives in for a double leg, gets it but Ferreira scrambles right back to his feet and lands a sweeping lead leg kick but Gamrot drills him with a straight right that lands flush then dives in for another takedown and again, gets it but this time he's able to settle in on top, looks for an elbow but Ferreira uses it to scramble back to his feet. Ferreira misses a 1-2, Gamrot lands a right, has a front kick caught by Ferreira and then eats a left hook from Ferreira who lets go of the leg and then just misses a high kick but Gamrot sends him to the canvas with a right, looks for a shot of ground and pound but doesn't want to jump into Ferreira's guard and lets him up. Ferreira then rocks Gamrot with a left hook, Gamrot fires back with a right at the buzzer that'll send this one to round number two.

Round Two - The second round gets underway when Ferreira lands a right hook then eats one from Gamrot in response. Gamrot lands another right that stuns Ferreira, who drops to a knee, Gamrot looks for the neck, Ferreira rolls around, Gamrot swings recklessly but somehow the pair end up back in the center of the octagon on their feet. Ferreira lands a left, then a side kick to the body, Gamrot dives for a takedown, Ferreira pushes to the fence, Gamrot lands a heavy knee to the ribs of Ferreira and it looks like Ferreira tells referee Jason Herzog that he's done, Gamrot doesn't hear it, Herzog doesn't make the stoppage and Gamrot locks in a choke but before he can tighten the hold, Herzog waves it off. Odd finish but nevertheless, fantastic performance from Mateusz Gamrot!

Result: Mateusz Gamrot def. (#12) Diego Ferreira via TKO (3:26, R2)

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