Robert Whittaker Tops Darren Till On UFC Fight Island

A former champion wanted to get back on track, while a perennial contender wanted to get back to the championship level in a new division at UFC Fight Island 3 this weekend.

Former Middleweight champ Robert Whittaker fought for the first time since losing the title in October, and had a tall task in Darren Till. The latter had moved back up to Middleweight after struggling to make weight, and capture a championship at 170 pounds.

Whittaker made his power a factor in round 2, dropping the larger Till with an overhand right. Though Till didn't have the size advantage he once possessed at Welterweight, he was facing another former 170 pounder in Whittaker.

For much of the fight, both men would change their stances, paces, cadences and footwork in an effort to throw one another off. Ultimately, the five round stand-up battle played in the favor of Whittaker, who can't improve on his #1 ranking in the division, but was able to gain a needed win over the #5 Till.

Whittaker moves to 21-5, while Till fell to 18-3-1.

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