Rumors Are Flying: Big UFC 205 Fight, Dana Brooke Push, Harper, Ryback - Bellator, More

The following are rumors, and should be treated as such. can't verify the authenticity of the claims, outside of those in which we've debunked.

- Dana White claims he's trying to make Michael Johnson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov for UFC 205.

- We've been told the rumors that Dana Brooke is pegged to be pushed as the top female babyface on Raw aren't true.

- FloCombat says that the negotiations between Ryback and Bellator started two weeks ago.

- The Washington Post revealed big donations from the McMahons to Donald Trump, insinuating he was paid for wrestling appearances via charity donations.

- Luke Harper is rumored to be joining the Raw brand upon his return.

- Dean Ambrose miss time after No Mercy to film a movie for WWE.

- Drew Gulak and Tony Nese haven't signed WWE contracts.

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