Rumors Are Flying: Ronda Rousey Return, Luke Harper, HIAC, Curt Hawkins, ADR

The following are rumors, and not confirmed. They should be treated as such. Fightful can't confirm the authenticity of these claims, other than those we've debunked.

- Ariel Helwani noted on Twitter that Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes is looking likely for UFC 207 on December 30.

- PWInsider says that Curt Hawkins was actually scheduled for last night's Smackdown, but several segments ran over their time.

- Alberto Del Rio speculated that he'd be working for ROH, as well as TNA if they could afford him.

- There are no more weigh-ins for the cruiserweight division, although everyone is actually under the 205 pound limit.

- WWE decided to make Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins a Hell in a Cell match, which wasn't the original plan.

- Luke Harper was reportedly set for the Raw brand, but that was changed when Erick Rowan was injured, according to Wrestling Observer Radio.

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